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The L.A. TIMES says so! – The Times name Ronald Hedding top criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles Named TOP 100 Criminal Defense Lawyers in California by the Society of Legal Advocates
Over 75 years of combined experience litigating State and Federal cases
Outstanding Professional Award for dedication and achievement in the field of Criminal Defense
Named to The Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyer as on of the top 5% percent of attorneys in California
Well known and well respected by local judge and prosecutors
Admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court
Involved with published case by for California Appeals Court
Author for published legal articles
Seen on television and published in news articles for defending the rights of his clients

Los Angeles DUI Attorney

What can you realistically expect to happen with your DUI case?

This is a key question that you should be asking a prospective attorney when you sit down to meet with them. First, give them an honest account of what happened with your pull over and arrest and them ask them what to expect. Once an attorney, that appears locally in the court where your case is pending, hears all of the relevant facts, they should be able to give you an idea of want is going to happen.


Do not be tempted to just believe what a salesperson tells you over the phone. Many times that salesperson is not a lawyer and is just trying to get you to hire them, versus actually giving you a realistic take on your case. Also, make sure that which ever attorney you are considering hiring actually still practices DUI defense. This particular area of the law is ripe with attorneys using there credentials on the Internet to sell you and then you come to find out (sometimes when it is too late) that they do not even go to court anymore and send less seasoned associates to represent you. This is not a credible way to deal with people who are vulnerable and in trouble.


This type of crime is politically charged and the police, prosecutors and judges are not just going to dismiss the case because a dui defense attorney says so. To get a case dismissed, takes a successful defense. In order to have a successful defense on any criminal case (especially a DUI case) the defense attorney is going to need an angle to attack the prosecutor’s case. Without this angle there is not defense that will get this type of charged dismissed.


Use your common sense when you meet with an attorney. Come in with a list of questions, with an eye towards figuring out what is really going on and what your best course of action is going to be. My motto regarding a pending DUI case is to do it once, do it right and never do it again!




I get asked this question all the time by people just like you. There are countless people all over Los Angeles County who are arrested by the police every single day that are good people who simply made a mistake. In today’s society, it is like playing Russian Roulette if you drink alcohol and drive. Eventually you will drive into a check point or be pulled over by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) or Los Angeles Police or Los Angeles Sheriffs Department. They are all out there every single night, looking to catch someone drinking and driving.


Just because you have been arrested and charged with a DUI does not mean that your life is finished. It means that you have some work to do to seize back control of your life. The first step is to hire a local attorney that has dealt with the type of charge you are facing in the courthouse you are going to have to appear in. If you find the right attorney, you will end up with the right result! To deal with your case is going to take a step by step approach based on your particular circumstances. Find an attorney that has an eye towards doing everything that is possible so you can achieve the best outcome.


What sets us apart from other Los Angeles DUI defense law firms and makes us the best attorneys for you in the areas of DUI defense in Los Angeles? In addition to the below credentials, we are well known and respected in the local Los Angeles courthouses. When your attorney is local to the court your case is pending, this gives you a huge advantage as far as achieving the best possible result. With your license, reputation, record and freedom on the line, you can not afford to hire an attorney who has not been around the block in the courtroom your case is pending. This is simply common sense that applies in many areas of life. My attitude with a DUI in Los Angeles County is to do right, do it once and never do it again!

  • The National Advocacy for DUI Defense, LLC (NAFDD), 2013 – Ronald D. Hedding was recognized by The National Adovcacy for DUI Defense as one of the top 100 Driving Under The Influence Attorneys in the state of California.
  • We have had DUI defense victories in all of the nearly 50 courthouses in Los Angeles County
  • Our Los Angeles DUI defense firm is rated among the top 5% of firms in California
  • We have the highest rating AVVO can give a Los Angeles DUI Attorney
  • The Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ Rating
  • Ronald Hedding has been named Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year by Consumer Business Review
  • Our Los Angeles DUI Defense Firm is A.V. Rated by Martendale Hubbell
  • We are honored in the Bar Register of Preeminent Attorneys for Ethics and Standards
  • We will tell you the truth about your chances in your Los Angeles DUI Case!

Los Angeles Times Recognizes Ronald Hedding as Top Southern California Criminal Defense Attorney





If you are charged with a DUI in Los Angeles County, you should find a lawyer that has experience and success in the courthouse your DUI case is pending. DUI law is not complicated, however, navigating the pitfalls of the various courts in Los Angeles takes a lawyer that has been there before. We are in the courts everyday and know what it takes to achieve a successful result in a DUI case.

  • We have successfully handled thousands of DUIs in Los Angeles County over the years – when your attorney is respected in the Los Angeles DUI system, has appeared in front of the judge and negotiated with the prosecutor where your case is located and has a track record of excellence…you are going to end up with the best possible result! I will meet with you personally and give you an honest assessment of your Los Angeles DUI case, we will design a game plan that best suits your situation and finally…I will tell you the truth about your chances and give you my years of seasoned experience, if you decide to hire my firm;
  • Our attorneys go to court everyday and successfully handle DUI cases in Los Angeles – (unlike many of the attorneys on other websites who don’t go to court…but send less experienced attorneys in there stead). We are in the trenches everyday dealing with the prosecutors and judges who will be making the decision related to how to deal with your Los Angeles DUI matter..this face to face experience is invaluable in DUI defense in Los Angeles;
  • Our firm is A.V. Rated and a member of the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers – only the top 5% of attorneys are able to achieve these distinguished honors. This top rating was acquired by input from peer attorneys and judges. We are respected by judges, fellow attorneys, prosecutors and clients alike…This goes along way when it comes to representing your rights, reputation and freedom;
  • Combined our attorneys have tried approximately 200 jury trials and have 75+ years of experience – this kind of experience is hard to find and is extremely valuable in assessing if a Los Angeles DUI case should go to trial or should be resolved;
  • We actually win cases in court everyday – unlike many of the attorneys who are advertising on the Internet…I have actually won jury trials, preliminary hearings, motions to dismiss for insufficiency of the evidence and violations of my client’s 4th Amendment rights…if a case can be won we will win it and if it should be resolved we will obtain the best possible disposition!;
  • No other firm on the web has received a pardon from a sitting United States President – the President of the United Stated signed a Presidential Pardon for one of our clients!

DUI Lawyers Defending Any Type Of DUI Case

When it comes to DUI defense there are many different aspects to handling the case. Our attorneys handle both the court proceedings and the DMV hearing for any DUI case including commercial DUI and Underage DUI. We have handled felony DUI cases dealing with hit and runs, deaths, injuries, accidents, and multiple offenders.


There are several ways you be arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Sobriety checkpoints are very common way people get arrested for drunk driving. This is when field sobriety tests such as walking a straight line or breathalyzer tests are conducted and if you fail according to the police standards, you will be placed under arrest and be taken to the police station to conduct a blood test.. Often, people make the mistake of refusing to take a breath test thinking it is a legal right, but a breath test refusal results in an automatic license suspension for one year. We do understand that you may have been a victim of an unlawful police stop and we will investigate that matter on your behalf.


If you have been convicted of a DUI, and your license was suspended, and you were caught driving on a suspended license, we can still help you, even if you are an out of state driver. The penalties for a DUI can be harsh and we do everything we can to minimize any penalties that may be imposed. We also take care of DUI Expungements which will clear you record of any convictions.


The ability to interact in a professional and convincing manner is imperative in the Los Angeles DUI defense arena…hopefully in reviewing my videos you get a sense that I am extremely effective in court it is this kind of interaction and confidence that wins cases and convinces prosecutors and judges to do what is right for my clients.


People make mistakes but that does not have to define your life! Sometimes it is the police and prosecutors that have made the mistake in prosecuting you or attempting to seek a punishment that is not fair under the circumstances. I am in the business of seizing your life back and protecting your rights, reputation and freedom. This means letting the prosecutor and judge and sometimes a jury know the good things about you and putting things in prospective for what they really are.


Selecting the right DUI defense attorney in a large city like Los Angeles can mean the difference between suffering the most severe consequences the criminal justice system has to offer, and freedom. I try and meet with everyone who is interested in hiring our firm. I go to court everyday and battle it out for my clients. I know what it takes to win!


When you or your loved one’s freedom is on the line there is no substitute for a skilled criminal defense lawyer who knows the system and can successfully guide you through it. We are experienced attorneys who can start protecting your interests right away with the utmost confidence and confidentiality.


The feeling of helplessness and confusion you are experiencing can be alleviated once you have a professional advocate on your side, who has helped thousands of people just like you through the worst of legal difficulties. Every client who retains our services is important and we will zealously fight to defend their interests. If you want well respected powerful criminal defense attorneys on your side call us now and set up a free face-to-face consultation.


Our Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley law firm is based in the San Fernando Valley where the 101 and 405 freeways meet. We have been a powerful force within Los Angeles County for many years and feel confident once you sit down with us you will not want any other criminal defense firm to handle your important matter.


Call and set up a free absolutely confidential consultation and we will educate you on how the system works, in the specific courthouse that your case is being prosecuted. We will discuss the pros and cons of going to trial and assist you in making the right decisions to immediately begin protecting you rights, reputation and freedom.


The reason we give a free consultation is because we are so confident that once you sit down face to face with us you will know that we possess the skills and legal connections to best represent your interests. Call and set up a confidential consultation and begin the process of getting control of you life back .


If you want to speak to me over the phone regarding your matter before we meet, just let my office staff know and I would be happy to discuss the particulars and if you like what I have to say, then you can come in for your free face to face consultation.



Ron Hedding, Founding Member
Hedding Law Firm




There are many factors that a prosecutor will look at in Los Angeles when it comes to what they believe is a fair punishment for a DUI case. One of the biggest DUI factors is how high the person’s blood alcohol level (BAC) was at the time of driving. The reason the BAC is so important to them is because they believe it is the chief indicator of the level of dangerousness the person is operating the vehicle under. The higher the BAC the more unsafe they feel the driver is to the public on Los Angeles streets.


Los Angeles prosecutors will also look at how safely the person was operating their car at the time of the DUI arrest. If they where so intoxicated that they got into an accident, the punishment will typically be harsher. How the person performed on the field sobriety tests is also something that Los Angeles prosecutors look at in a DUI case. The field sobriety tests are suppose to be designed to determine the level of a person’s alcohol intoxication.


The key ingredient in Los Angeles, when it comes to a successful defense, is your attorney. You must find someone that has been in the Los Angeles court system your case is pending in and has dealt with the prosecutor and judge. I have handled thousands of dui cases in Los Angeles County over the years and would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your case.




For many years Los Angeles has been a city that DUI cases have seen front page news. Actors, athletes, doctors and lawyers have all been arrested for DUI’s in the city of Los Angeles. If you recall, Rodney King was pulled over for a DUI in Los Angeles and shortly thereafter, one of the biggest riots any city has seen ensued in downtown Los Angeles streets.


The first jurisdiction in the United States to adopt laws against drunk driving was New York in 1910…with Los Angeles and others following shortly thereafter. Early law simply prohibited driving while intoxicated, with no specific definition of what level of intoxication was necessary to violate the law. The first generally accepted legal limit for blood alcohol concentration was .15. Today, in Los Angeles County, a person’s blood alcohol level can not be greater than .08.


Most of the laws and penalties in Los Angeles where greatly enhanced starting in the late 1970’s, and through the 1990’s, largely due to pressure from groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD). Zero tolerance laws were enacted which criminalized driving a car with .01 for drivers under the age of 21.


Because of budget issues in Los Angeles, many of the smaller courts in Los Angeles have been closed. There are only a few courts in the downtown Los Angeles area that are handling a huge volume of dui cases in Los Angeles. The following Courthouses handle the majority of the dui cases filed in Los Angeles County – The Metro Court 1945 Hills Street, Los Angeles, Ca., Lax / The Airport Court 11701 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles Ca., Malibu Court 23525 Civic Center Way, Malibu California, Beverly Hills Court 9355 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210). These are a few of the busier DUI courthouses in Los Angeles County. San Fernando Valley DUI’s are dealt with in Van Nuys and San Fernando Courts. Many people do not realize that there are nearly 50 courts in Los Angeles and each court has jurisdiction over certain boundaries in Los Angeles.

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If you have received a DUI in Los Angeles there is much on the line your driving record, your reputation and your freedom. We know the DUI courts in Los Angeles and can make the right moves to put you in the best position.