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Receiving Probation Instead of Incarceration in Los Angeles DUI Cases

Often times, if you are convicted for a driving under the influence charge, your attorney may be able to get you probation instead of incarceration if jail time was an issue in the case. Generally, ...
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What Actually Happens During a DMV Hearing in Los Angeles

A driving under the influence charge has two aspects to it: the criminal court proceedings and the DMV hearing. When you hire an attorney, often times, most lawyers do not communicate to you what the ...
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Zero Tolerance and Violating Probation

When we hear the term Zero Tolerance we often think underage drinking and driving, meaning, that if you are under 21 years old and have been drinknig and driving, you will be arrested regardless of ...
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Hire a Qualified and Experienced Los Angeles DUI Attorney

End of the Summer DUI checkpoints have resulted in over 2000 arrests. Driving under the influence has become a common occurrence in Los Angeles County. At the Hedding Law Firm we do not condone drunk ...
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Understanding the DUI Court Process

Once you are arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles County you will be given a date to appear in court. This date is called the arraignment. Most seasoned DUI attorneys will appear on this court date on ...
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