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Jail Time
By Ronald Hedding / February 15, 2019

What Determines if You Get Jail Time on a DUI in Los Angeles?

This is a huge question on a lot of people's mind.  Once you get arrested, they take you into the...

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Watson Murder
By Ronald Hedding / February 13, 2019

When Can a DUI Case be Elevated To a Second Degree Murder Charge?

This is something that happens a lot in Los Angeles county and throughout the country quite frankly.  A lot of...

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Felony DUI
By Ronald Hedding / February 11, 2019

Key Factors Between a Filing a Misdemeanor or Felony DUI Case in Los Angeles County

This is a big question because obviously, nobody wants to be charged with a felony DUI.  You lose a lot...

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Blood Tests
By Ronald Hedding / February 7, 2019

Can Police Force a Blood Draw in a Los Angeles DUI Case?

Believe it or not, under the right circumstances, the police are permitted to do a forced blood draw when it...

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DUI Probation
By Ronald Hedding / February 6, 2019

Driving While On DUI Probation – California Vehicle Code Section 23154

This Vehicle Code Section has to do with people who are on DUI probation in Los Angeles County who get...

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San Fernando Court
By Ronald Hedding / January 31, 2019

Who Prosecutes DUI Cases in the San Fernando Courthouse?

When it comes to defending a DUI in the San Fernando Courthouse, the typical prosecutors who are handling these cases...

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wet reckless
By Ronald Hedding / December 13, 2018

Why Is A Wet Reckless Better Than A DUI?

When it comes to DUI's I hear a lot of people talking about wet reckless.  They're not necessarily that much...

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Jail Time
By Ronald Hedding / December 11, 2018

Will You Get Jail Time For Your DUI In Los Angeles?

This is a big question on people's minds because obviously, nobody wants to go to jail.  It's very confining and...

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DMV Hearing
By Ronald Hedding / December 6, 2018

Roles Of The DMV And Criminal Court Relating To DUI ‘s

The court and the DMV work together when it comes to DUI's in Los Angeles, California.  In fact, the court's...

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By Ronald Hedding / December 4, 2018

What Other Charges Are Possible Besides a DUI in Los Angeles?

When you're arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles, obviously it's scary and terrifying because your freedom is taken away...

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