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  • By: Ron Hedding
  • Published: November 30, 2020

Learn Whether You Will Go To Jail If Arrested for a DUI Under California Vehicle Code 23152 in Los Angeles If you were arrested and the police took you to the police station, you've already been to jail and it's just a matter of how long they held you for. Sometimes they'll hold you for a number of hours.  Sometimes they'll let you go relatively quickly depending on how high your blood alcohol level was and also, with the Coronavirus now, they've got limited space in jail to be able to space people out so they're not adding to the…Read More

  • By: Ron Hedding
  • Published: November 27, 2020

I have a lot of people contacting me who are pretty much thrown into a tizzy and don't know what to do because they've been arrested for a DUI under California Vehicle Code 23152. They've been given a ticket by the police and they have a court date coming up and are not really sure what to do. A lot of times they're talking about the fact that they have no record.  Their driving record is good.  They have no points.  They have a good job; a good family and they're hoping that the prosecutors will not file a criminal…Read More

  • By: Ron Hedding
  • Published: November 23, 2020

I get a lot of calls and especially over the internet from people who are visiting California and they end up with a DUI and they're trying to figure out what to do. Usually what happens is, they get pulled over, they're arrested, held in custody for a period of time and then they're given a ticket with a date to appear in court.  They don't live in the county, so now they have the problem of having to deal with it. Misdemeanor DUI Charges in Los Angeles We handle these types of cases all the time.  I've been doing…Read More

  • By: Ron Hedding
  • Published: August 25, 2020

What are some of the most common errors that you find police make when it comes to DUI cases in Los Angeles? Sometimes, police illegally stop someone and then the issue becomes whether we are going to be able to prove that they illegally stopped them. A lot of times, we will try to get the dash cameras from their vehicles, if they have them. The next issue is going to be whether or not they have probable cause to arrest the person. Police decide whether to arrest someone based on a host of different factors. How is the person…Read More

  • By: Ron Hedding
  • Published: August 22, 2020

In California, marijuana is now legal. In turn, that has caused a flood of DUI related marijuana arrests.  However, the bottom line is that the law has always been the same. For instance, if you ingest a substance, such as marijuana, and it affects your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, you can be charged with a DUI under California Vehicle Code 23152(f). And so, just because marijuana is legal, it doesn’t mean that you can smoke it and drive if it’s going to affect your ability to drive. Prescription pills are legalized. For example, Ativan is legal, but…Read More

  • By: Ron Hedding
  • Published: August 20, 2020

This is a good question.  People don't really know when their case might be filed as an infraction.  An infraction is really not a crime and is more of a public offense.  A DUI is typically going to be filed either as a misdemeanor or felony. You're never going to see a DUI filed as an infraction.  However, you could be arrested for a DUI and if the prosecutors don't feel there's enough evidence to support a DUI charge, could file the case as an infraction. Your attorney could even negotiate a deal where you end up with an infraction…Read More

  • By: Ron Hedding
  • Published: August 19, 2020

How Do You Stop Automatic Suspension of Your Driver's License if You Got a DUI in Los Angeles? This is a good question.  Obviously, all of us need to commute.  We need to move around in Los Angeles, and once you get arrested for a DUI typically the police are going to take your driver's license away from you. They will send it to the DMV along with notification that you were arrested for a DUI and then they'll send their police report and everything to the DMV in preparation for the DMV attempting to suspend your driver's license based…Read More

  • By: Ron Hedding
  • Published: August 18, 2020

Will I Face Mandatory Jail Time for a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Time DUI in California? Those individuals who continue to get DUI's are definitely going to be forced into jail by prosecutors and judges because of the fact that those individuals are tasked with protecting the public. They really take the position that once you get a second, third or fourth time DUI that you are a danger to the public, and the most effective and serious punishment they have a jail time. So, on a second time DUI, yes there is a mandatory minimum of 96 hours in…Read More

  • By: Ron Hedding
  • Published: August 17, 2020

How Long Will You Lose Your Driver's License if You're Arrested for a DUI Case in Los Angeles? The two biggest concerns that people typically have with a DUI is, one, they don’t want to have a criminal record and go to jail -- those kind of go hand-in-hand -- and then the second one relates to their driver's license. I mean, obviously in Los Angeles, most people need their car.  They've got to drive and having a DUI and potentially losing your driver's license is a horrible feeling.  You kind of lose control when that happens to you. So, I…Read More

  • By: Ron Hedding
  • Published: June 8, 2020

What Will the Judge do to You on a High Blood Alcohol Level On a DUI Case is Los Angeles When You Show Up for Court? A lot of people don't realize that the judges now across LA County -- and there's 38 courts -- are really taking hard positions on driving under the influence or DUI-related offenses. If you had a high blood alcohol level a lot of the judges in the major courthouses like Van Nuys, San Fernando, LAX, the Metro court, downtown Los Angeles are asking the prosecutors what your blood alcohol level was at the time of…Read More

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