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Suspended License

  • By: Ron Hedding
  • Published: August 19, 2020
How Do You Stop Automatic Suspension of Your Driver's License if You Got a DUI in Los Angeles? This is a good question.  Obviously, all of us need to commute.  We need to move around in Los Angeles, and once you get arrested for a DUI typically the police are going to take your driver's license away from you. They…Read More

  • By: Ron Hedding
  • Published: August 17, 2020
How Long Will You Lose Your Driver's License if You're Arrested for a DUI Case in Los Angeles? The two biggest concerns that people typically have with a DUI is, one, they don’t want to have a criminal record and go to jail -- those kind of go hand-in-hand -- and then the second one relates to their driver's license. I…Read More

  • By: Ron Hedding
  • Published: January 14, 2020
California Vehicle Code 14601.2 This is a very common offense that I represent clients for throughout Los Angeles county and the various courthouses related to DUI cases.  I've been doing it now for 25 years and this is definitely something that the police target. Driving on suspended license for a DUI conviction is described under California Vehicle Code 14601.2. They get…Read More

  • By: Ronald D. Hedding
  • Published: August 27, 2018
When someone is put on DUI probation, they are ordered to not drive without a valid driver's license. You have to go through the DMV to get a valid driver's license - whether it's a temporary driver's license or a full driver's license. Typically, related to DUI cases, you're going to need to get an SR22 proof from your insurance…Read More

  • By: Ronald D. Hedding
  • Published: February 12, 2018
Having defended DUI's over the course of the last twenty-five years, I'm familiar with what it takes in order to get your license back if you've been charged and convicted with a DUI. First-Time DUI First, if it's a first offense, then after the police arrest you and let you go, will typically give you a pink piece of paper…Read More