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DUI and Hit and Run Charges

Does a Hit and Run with a DUI Make Things Worse for the Person Charged?

Of course, the answer to this questions is absolutely yes.  In Los Angeles county people who are charged with DUI's who are also charged with hit and runs, obviously put themselves in a much worse position in the sense that they create more danger to the pubic and then depending on whether the hit and run involved property damage or injury, that will make things much worse as well.

Most DUI's that I see filed in Los Angeles county are filed as misdemeanors (CALCRIM 2110) and most of them are usually the person's first offense

That's not the end of the world.  That can be dealt with and we deal with these type of cases all the time.

But if you now add in a hit and run and somebody was in the car that was struck, you now put yourself in a pretty bad position.

For example, if you hurt somebody you can bet your bottom dollar that the prosecutors are going to want to punish you for hurting that person.

Also, you're going to be in a position were you're now looking at a felony instead of a misdemeanor. 

When you combine the DUI with a hit and run, you really put yourself in a much worse position.

Misdemeanor vs Felony Charges

It's incredible how you can go from a misdemeanor DUI where you're not typically looking at any jail time in Los Angeles county for a first offense.

However, now you add in there that hit and run, now you start to put yourself in a position where you're looking at jail time.

Also, if you add in the mix that somebody gets hurt during the DUI hit and run in Los Angeles, now you're probably going to be charged with a felony for both the hit and run and the DUI.

DUI and Hit and Run Charges in Los Angeles

So now you're looking at two felonies on your record.  You're also looking at potential great bodily injury allegations because if the injury is bad enough, they will add in great bodily injury and this does a number of things as well.

For example, it exposes you to three years in prison for the great bodily injury allegation alone. 

It also makes the case a strike.  It also makes it that you have to serve 85% of whatever time you get.

So, these DUI's are really a twisted spider web in my opinion.  The more things you do, especially trying to avoid your responsibility, like run away and not cooperate with the police for example.

Implied Consent Law in California

Let's say in a DUI situation or hit and run — whatever the case may be — the police catch you and now they want you to take a test and you say no.

Now you've made it worse for yourself, because now it makes them easier for them to prove the case against you.

Because if you refused it's counted as a refusal because of the implied consent law in California and now it's going to be assumed that you're driving under the influence.

In addition to all of the bad things I mentioned about the hit and run and DUI, now you're going to lose your license for a year.

So, you won't be able to drive for one year with no restrictions. 

That's horrible compared to if you would have just cooperated with the police where you would only be looking at probably a thirty day suspension or you could get your license back after thirty days on a restricted basis.

So, a lot of times people are drunk, they've used drugs, mixed drugs and alcohol, whatever the case may be.

For example, they ran from the police, got in an accident, might have hurt somebody, now that you're sober and looking at this and trying to figure out what you're going to do here.

You have to say to yourself, I'm now going to stop the bleeding here and I'm going to hire an attorney and I'm going to listen to what that attorney says because that attorney is trying to help me and trying to do damage control.

Next Step in Preparing Your DUI Defense

I talk to people about this all the time and most people realize, I made a mistake. 

I'm not going to compound the mistake by not listening to my attorney, not cooperating with my attorney and not doing the right thing in relation to a DUI/hit and run situation.

You can recover from this.  I've helped thousands of people recover over the last 26 years. 

So, if you or your loved one has a DUI with a hit and run, whether there's an injury, property damages, whatever the case may be, pick up the phone.

Let's talk and let's get this thing moving in the right direct — do damage control so you can come out the other end better, smarter and hopefully keep you out of custody.

How Serious Are Hit and Run DUI's in Los Angeles?

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