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DUI Defense at LAX Airport Court

The LAX or Airport court handles DUI-related offenses on the west side.  It also has coverage of cases that occur in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu and a bunch of other jurisdictions because of the number of court closures. So, there's a lot of DUIs going through that Airport or LAX court.  I've been handling cases there since they built the court a number of years ago.

I've handled thousands of DUI cases in Los Angeles county, so you've definitely comes to the right website.  You've come to somebody who has 26 years of experience.

I've worked for the District Attorney's office; I've worked for a Superior Court judge and I've been the guiding force behind the Hedding Law Firm handling DUI matters since 1994.

Unlawful Police Traffic Stop

So, what we do to defend these cases is, first we're going to look to see whether or not you were lawfully pulled over or the police lawfully came in contact with you.  The police can't just pull people over for no reason.

DUI Defense at LAX Airport Court

Sometimes there's video evidence we can use to prove that they pulled somebody over for no reason.  But we're going to look at everything because we want to make sure you are treated fairly.

We realize a DUI is a crime that can affect your rights, your liberty, your freedom and your driving record.

We first assess whether or not it was a legal pullover, then we assess whether or not the police have violated any of your rights.  For example, they have to prove when you were driving the vehicle.

When You Were Driving a Vehicle?

Sometimes they try to cheat on that because they know that's a problem, even though they don't know exactly when you were driving the vehicle.

If, for example, they came upon an accident scene and nobody gave them the information about when that accident occurred, you might have a good defense to say, they didn't know when I was driving.

So, when they get my blood alcohol level 45 minutes or an hour later, who cares.  What was it at the time of driving.  So, that's the first thing we're going to try to attack.

Negotiate Reduced DUI Charges

If that is not available to us, then the next thing we're going to do is try to see if we can get you something less than a DUI — a wet reckless, a speed contest, a moving violation, a dry reckless — something that avoids that DUI.

A lot of times that may be possible if there's a problem with a case or if your blood alcohol level is very close to the .08.  That would make a good argument as to why you would deserve something less than a DUI.

Negotiate Reduced DUI Charges in Los Angeles

If we can't get you something less than a DUI, it's probably because either you have prior DUIs or it could be because your blood alcohol level is high.

It could also be you were doing something dangerous, like you were involved in an accident, you were speeding real fast — whatever the case may be.  In that case, we're obviously trying to avoid any jail time.

So, in my opinion, even if you don't hire my firm, if you've got a case in the LAX or Airport court, you want to make sure that you hire an attorney.

This is because there's a whole bunch of things that can be done for you and there's also a whole bunch of bad consequences that can be avoided if you have the right DUI defense attorney on your side.

Because the Airport court does handle a high volume of cases, a lot of times — as compared to the rest of Los Angeles county — you can get a very good resolution in some of these DUI cases, even if your client is guilty; even if your blood alcohol level is a .08 or greater.

Planning a DUI Defense Strategy

We looked at everything.  We sit down with you.  We get our strategy together.

We'll bring you into the office and really look at your case, look at what the charges are, look at the evidence that the prosecutors have from the police and see if there's anything else we might be able to get to help you.

Then we're going to have a face to face conversation.  I'm going to be very straightforward with you.  Use my years of experience and we'll make the right moves at the right time.  This is not a cookie cutter process.

DUI Defense Strategy in Los Angeles

It's not the same thing every time because not all DUIs are created equal.  Sometimes there's different angles that we have to take depending on what happened.

It also depends on what your blood alcohol level was at the time of the driving, and depending on a host of other factors, which are obviously only going to be see and evaluated by somebody who has experience.

So, if you have a DUI in the LAX or Airport court, pick up the phone.  Ask to speak to Ron Hedding.  Well set up a face to face meeting.

We'll go over everything about your case and get a game plan together for you that makes sense and does damage control.

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