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Great Bodily Injury Allegation in a California DUI Case

Why Does it Matter if There's a Great Bodily Injury Allegation Attached to my DUI Case?

It matters a lot because any crime in California, even DUI's, where great bodily injury occurs that person will be given a strike on their record if they have to admit a great bodily injury allegation along with a felony conviction.

In California that strike will stay on your record the rest of your life unless and until they repeal the Three Strikes Law which I don't think is going to happen.  It's been in effect since I've been practicing law doing DUI's, fighting great bodily injury allegations since the early 1990's.

Violent Felony and Serve 85% of Jail Time

Another affect it has is any jail or prison time that you get, you have to serve 85% of it because it makes the crime a violent felony and all violent felonies in Los Angeles county have to be served 85% across California.

In addition, a great bodily injury (GBI) allegation under California Penal Code 12022.7 adds three years' prison on top of any sentence that a person gets for a DUI.  So, if you were to get a felony DUI for example, and they gave you low term in prison for two years, they would then add an extra three years.  So, you'd be looking at five years at 85%.

Now you start to get the feel for how vicious this great bodily injury allegation truly is.  It gives the prosecutor a very powerful negotiation position because they can come at your client and say we'll give you low-term sixteen months in prison related to your DUI.

We'll strike the GBI allegation.  So, you won't have to serve that three years, and then the question becomes, they make you admit it but don't give you the three years or they strike it all together.

A “Strike” Under California's Three Strikes Law

Because if they make you admit it, even though you don't get the three years, you still end up with a strike and that fifteen months you're going to end up serving likely at 85% because you had to admit that GBI allegation unless they don't actually sentence you on it.

Great Bodily Injury Allegation in a California DUI Case

It still makes it a strike though when you admit the great bodily injury allegation.  So, that just shows you that they have a heck of a lot of power in a DUI case.

The difference between great bodily injury in a DUI case and serious bodily injury, which is what gets you the felony — it's very, very indiscernible.  Very tough to tell.

A lot of times the prosecutors are trying to ram a case into a great bodily injury argument, when really it's just a serious bodily injury.  The person should only be looking at the felony DUI and not the three year great bodily injury allegation.

But, if you're not sympathetic, if you were driving around drunk hurting people, when you go to trial do you think the jury is going to give you the benefit of the doubt and just give you the serious bodily injury versus the great bodily injury allegation?

Minimum Three Year Sentence With No Probation

Do you want to take that risk?  Because if you get convicted at trial, the judge is probably going to say, I've got no choice.  I've got to give you at least three years for the great bodily injury allegation, plus I can't give you probation for the felony DUI.

I'm going to probably have to give you fifteen months, two years, three years.  Now you're looking at a heap of time in prison over a DUI case.  But realize, these DUI cases in California are vicious.  They're politically driven. 

Mothers Against Drunk Driving have a huge political base in California and I would say that California is probably one of the toughest states in the union when it comes to DUI cases.

You better get to someone like me who's been doing this over twenty-five years, knows how to deal with these cases, knows how to fight for you and gets you what is fair in your DUI matter.

Avoiding Great Bodily Injury Enhancement in California DUI Case

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