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What Kind of a California DUI Lawyer Should I Hire?

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding | Jan 20, 2020 | 0 Comments

This is a good question because just like in any profession, not all lawyers are the same.  Not all of them have the same experience.  Not all of them have the same qualifications.

Also, and not all of them have the disposition that you're going to need to deal with the prosecutor and deal with the judges and if the case has to be litigated, to deal with motion practice in DUI cases, to deal with jury trial in DUI cases.

DUI Lawyer with Experience in Local Courthouse

So, these are the type of things that you're looking for — someone that has experience and has litigated cases and has a lot of experience in the court where you case is pending — is probably going to be serve you and your interests.

They're going to have a real fast learning curve as far as figuring out where you fit in the whole DUI spectrum in a particular courthouse where your case is pending.

That's why I try to put on my websites which courts I service, and obviously Los Angeles county is a huge county.  There's a lot of DUI's.  But the main courts that are getting most of the cases are the ones where most of the people are.

For example, downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, all of the areas where there's clubs and bars are going to be dealt with in Metro Court, 1945 Hill Street.  There's a huge building there with many floors.  Department 60 there handles the arraignments for the DUI cases.  I've been practicing DUI law there now for 25 years and know the system very well.

In the San Fernando Valley, the main part of the Valley is controlled by Van Nuys court.  The north part of the Valley is controlled by San Fernando court.  Of course, LAX, the Airport Court, controls the west side and that area near Santa Monica.  So, there's a whole bunch of different courthouses in Los Angeles.

Lawyers Who Understands DUI Laws in California

When you hire your attorney, you want to make sure that somebody understands the whole complexion of not only DUI's in California, which are very tough.  I think California is one of the toughest DUI states, but also stands the complexion of DUI cases in the court where your case is pending and in Los Angeles, in general.

What Kind of a California DUI Lawyer Should I Hire?

Because they're going to know how to handle it.  They're going to be familiar with the prosecutors, the judges, know who to go to, know who to say, obviously know which type of cases they need to take to trial.

Also, who knows which cases where motions might be effective in chopping the case down and know which cases, where they've got the evidence against the client and some sort of a resolution needs to be worked out.

Trying to really do damage control at that point, minimize the damage to the client, minimize the damage to their criminal record, their driving record, and obviously their reputation and freedom.

So, I definitely feel that I sit in a strong position, especially in the Los Angeles community to know how DUI's are handled and what type of lawyer you want to hire.  I think the last thing I would say on this topic is that, when you chose your lawyer, you should probably try if you can to meet face to face with that lawyer, or at least get a feel for who that lawyer is and what they have to say.

DUI Attorney with a Record of Successful Cases

That's one big reasons I put videos on my website because I want people to see who I am, what I have to say, how I represent myself and how I represent my clients.  Because if you think about it, that's exactly what the judges and prosecutors are going to be relying on.

They're going to be relying on your attorney, what your attorney has to say, how they present themselves, how well they argue your case, your position, your rights and any defenses you might have.

So, when you meet with the attorney or you look at the attorney's video, you get a good feel from that attorney, like okay, this guy knows what he's talking about.  He's got a good way about him. The judge and the prosecutor are probably going to get that exact same good feel.  They're going to say, okay, this guy knows what he's talking about.  He's just fighting for his client.

Whereas, just like in any profession, there's bad attorneys.  There's attorney's attorneys who are lazy, they don't do their work, they don't present well in court.  They don't speak at a high level to the prosecutors and judge, and that's going to reflect on your case and your result.

So, go sit down with that attorney if you can or at least get a feel from a video for what that attorney is all about, and if you feel good about him that's probably your best gauge as to which attorney to pick to handle your DUI case in Los Angeles, California.

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