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The first thing that you should expect if you have a DUI in the Alhambra Courthouse is, you're going to get a notice to appear from law enforcement, either because they cite you into court and you bail out, then the bail bondsman gives you a notice to appear in the Alhambra Courthouse.

Bail or Own Recognizance Release

The first thing that will happen is, the judge will deal with any bail issues in the case.  Most times, on first-time DUI's you're going to be let out on your own recognizance, which basically means, you won't have to post any bail and as long as you promise to appear each time in court, you'll be good.

Alhambra Courthouse

However, sometimes your attorney can set things up so you don't have to appear in court unless they decide that they want you to.  Other times, a judge will set a bail.  This usually happens in felony DUI cases or serious DUI-related offenses at the first court appearance.

This is called the arraignment for your DUI matter and your lawyer will typically be getting the paperwork related to the case, any evidence, witness statements, videos.

A lot of times in DUI cases, the police don't turn the videos over at the first court appearance.  The lawyer actually has to ask for them and send a letter to the prosecutors in Alhambra, and then they will turn over the information.

In my experience, your case will usually stay in the arraignment court if your attorney is considering trying to negotiate a plea deal for you.  If a plea deal cannot be negotiated in the Alhambra courthouse, then what will happen is eventually your case will be set for trial.

At the trial, the case will be set into a particular trial court and then there can be any motions filed by the defense related to trying to keep evidence out or an illegal stop, or any other issues related to the case — all of these issues will be decided by the judge in the Alhambra court.

Negotiation with Prosecutor for Best Outcome

Ultimately, if the case cannot be resolved then you will be entitled to a jury trial.  Members from the community in Alhambra will be brought in and you will pick a jury and they will decide whether you are innocent or guilty of your DUI case.

If you and your attorney decide it's in your best interest not to go to trial, but instead to negotiate a plea bargain, then your attorney will be dealing with the prosecutors in the Alhambra court.

Usually the ones in the courtrooms or unless there's some sort of a special issue, then a lot of times I will go meet with a supervisor or head DA in Alhambra and see if I can get the resolution that I think is fair for my client related to their particular Alhambra case.

So, if you have a DUI there, pick up the phone.  Make the call and we'll do everything we can to help you. If you are facing DUI charges in Alhambra, you need an experienced team of DUI lawyers who have the skilled necessary to provide you with exceptional criminal defense.

Just because you have been arrested for driving under the influence does not automatically mean that you are guilty of driving under the influence.

There are many legal options on your side. By law, a police officer MUST have probable cause to conduct a traffic stop. If they lacked probable cause for pulling you over, then the stop is unlawful and your arrest and evidence collected during and after the stop could be inadmissible in court.

If police make any procedural errors, the evidence obtained against you may be inadmissible and your charges could be dismissed. If a police officer improperly administers a roadside breathalyzer test or mishandles a blood or chemical test, then this evidence could be excluded in court.

The Alhambra DUI lawyers are well versed in DUI arrest and court procedures and can successfully guide you through this complicated process.

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