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The West Covina Court is known as one of the tougher courthouses in Los Angeles County. However, if you find an attorney that has successfully handled DUI cases in this jurisdiction, then you are on your way to achieving the best result possible.

Over the course of the past 25 years of handling cases in West Covina, I realize that there are a number of strategies that can be employed by a skilled DUI lawyer in this

West Covina Courthouse

courthouse. This knowledge comes from years of experience and interacting with the people that run the courthouse.

One of the key things that I do is to get to know my client and what they are all about.

Each person has their own life story and most of the time there are good things to bring to the attention of the judge and prosecutor that can make a difference.

I always encourage my clients to obtain character letters from friends, family and professional acquaintances.

Further, I make it a point to let the powers that be know that they are dealing with a person, with a family and make it clear that my client has a plan in life that does not involve being stuck in a sometimes unforgiving court system.

My client and I work as a team to solve their problem.

West Covina has been around for many years and handles DUI matters probably in a ten-mile radius of the courthouse. 

It is the sister court to Pomona court which handles more of serious matters.  For example, if you have a felony DUI with great bodily injury or anything like that, your case will probably end up in the Pomona court versus the West Covina Court.

DUI Lawyer Familiar With Local Prosecutors

As far as some strategies, obviously you want to get an attorney working with you on your DUI case who is familiar with the West Covina court, has practiced there, has dealt with the prosecutors and judges there, and obviously, has familiarity with dealing with the type of DUI case that you have.

Most times DUI cases are not very complicated.  When you get your notice to appear from the police after they arrest you, they will cite you into court. 

You'll have a court date.  They'll give you a pink slip which is basically your temporary driver's license after they take your driver's license away from you and then you're going to have to appear in court.

Usually, once I'm retained on a case in the West Covina courthouse is I will show up first for the client so I can get the paperwork related to the case, the arrest report and any other evidence they have, and see what evidence they might not turn over that I can request from the prosecutors and they'll have to get if from the police department.

We use that first court appearance to review everything, speak to the prosecutors and see what their position is and then continue the case for a few weeks so that you can get a copy of our discovery/paperwork, review it and then we can really sit down and talk about the case and decide what the best strategy is going to be.

Sometimes client say to me, shouldn't I go to the court date myself?  And the answer is no, because a lot of these courts — especially the arraignment courts where they do DUI cases — are crowded. 

The prosecutors don't really care whether you go to the court or not, nor does the judge. They're just dealing with your attorney.  Your appearance and how you look is not going to make a difference in your DUI matter.

Important Factors in a DUI Case

The factors that are going to help or hurt you in a DUI I the West Covina courthouse have to do with how high your blood alcohol level was, how bad or good you did on the field sobriety test, how dangerous your driving was and a host of other factors.

The prosecutors are going to consider the totality of the circumstances when deciding what their position is going to be on your DUI case.

Also, your attorney is going to have a huge say in the types of mitigating things that they look at as it relates to your matter and your attorney is going to want to talk to them and get your side of the story across.

Because a lot of times the police will do a one-sided investigation and not get all of the information to the prosecutors through their police report that they really should have to make a fair assessment of your case.

So, if you've got a matter in the West Covina court, realize that it is a conservative courthouse. 

That particular area is very tough on DUI's and you're going to want to get a drunk driving attorney who has been down this road before and had success in DUI matters in that courthouse.

Experienced DUI Lawyers

What attorneys make for the best advocates in the West Covina Court?

In my experience the best and must effective criminal defense attorneys are ones that are likable. They are people that just know how to handle themselves and what to say at the right time.

This talent comes from years of experience and a certain mental attitude.

You can not be great at criminal defense and have a bad attitude! People naturally like and trust those individuals that come to court prepared and with a winning attitude.

Every time I meet with a client or anyone in my life, I try to learn something about them and connect with them on a meaningful level.

If you like your attorney, then the prosecutor, judge and even jury will feel the same way and you will get the most bang for your buck!

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