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Common Misconceptions About DUI

DUI Myths in California

When I speak to people in person and over the phone, I am amazed at all the misinformation there is out there related to DUI cases in the Los Angeles court system. It is frustrating because I sometimes have to spend a lot of time talking to potential clients, explaining that what they heard or read is not valid, and being confused about certain concepts.

The best advice I can give is to sit down with a seasoned DUI attorney, give them all of the information related to your case (do not just spin the case in your favor, share good and bad details), and let them direct you on what should be made on your behalf to achieve the best result.

I pride myself meeting with clients charged with DUIs all over Los Angeles and figuring out the best moves based on their particularized situation. Not all DUIs are the same, and not all people are the same.

Hence not all strategies are the same in every DUI case. It is crucial that before we set out on the journey of resolving your DUI case, we have a map that makes sense and will lead to a result that considers your criminal record, reputation, driving record, and freedom.

I aim to handle your case discreetly, professionally, and straightforwardly. So that you can be back on the road again and out of the criminal justice system as soon as possible. Here are some common DUI myths.

Refusing to Take a DUI Breath Test Helps you

Not! After being pulled over, the wisest thing to do is cooperate with the police. Most people do not know, but refusing a breath test, although a legal right, results in automatic drivers refusing a breath test. However, it is a legal right to result in an automatic driver's license suspension for one year.

Therefore, not cooperating makes things only worse.

Eating Lowers or Spraying Breath Spray Lowers BAC

This is not true. Not eating can increase your BAC but eat after you drink does not affect your blood alcohol concentration. As to breath spray, some breath sprays can increase your BAC because most contact traces of alcohol aggravate blood alcohol levels. Also, if your breath is way too minty, suspicion may be raised.

Waiting Lowers Your BAC

Waiting can make your BAC higher because studies have shown that the highest spike of a BAC occurs about an hour after the last drink consumption.

Putting Metal, Such as Pennies, in Your Mouth Can Manipulate Breathalyzer

False! It does not work, but the officer has you remove everything from your mouth before conducting a Breathalyzer test. The “myths” mentioned above are just a few people's misconceptions about driving under the influence cases.

If you are facing drunk driving charges, do not try to handle this on your own, for it can be overwhelming and often complicated. As DUI Lawyers, we handle everything for you, including the criminal proceedings and the DMV hearing doing everything we can to protect your freedom, driver's license, and legal rights.

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