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DUI Auto Accident

DUI Auto Accidents Lawyer 

Have you caused a DUI-related car crash? What are you facing if you have a DUI in Los Angeles with an accident? Over course of the past twenty five years I have represented many clients on a variety of different levels relates to DUI's with accidents and injuries in Los Angeles County.

Having an accident is one thing as it relates to a DUI case, but if there is also an injury to another person or even death, that takes the case into a whole new ball park.

Hence, in my opinion, it is imperative that you get into see an experienced Los Angeles DUI auto accident lawyer who has been down the path you are about to travel and had success.

I get my clients in from the beginning of the case and we go over all of the details related to the case and then come up with a game plan to defend the case and avoid a lengthy sentence.

Reviewing Your DUI Auto Accident Case

It is crucial that the client is honest with me related to everything that happened leading up to the accident and DUI arrest. If something is left out or the story is spun in a way that I am left in the dark, then the client will end up suffering the consequences in the end.

As your lawyer, I too must be honest with the client and let them know what they are facing a what I believe potential outcomes are in the case.

There are a number of counter arguments that can be made by a skilled lawyer in an accident case depending on the circumstances. For example, if there was an accident and no one was hurt, many times we can get the prosecutor to treat the case like a regular DUI and avoid jail time for the client.

Other scenarios I have seen involve accidents that are not my client's fault that cause injuries. In these circumstances, the client should not be held responsible for the accident and resulting injuries if they did not cause the accident.

This is a tough argument that requires the best because there is a presumption in the law that if you were DUI when the accident happened you will be presumed at fault, unless you can rebut the presumption with good solid evidence. If the accident was your fault, you may be required to pay victim restitution.

DUI Accident with Injuries

If someone is injured in a DUI accident case, the prosecutors and judges typically want jail time in just about every Los Angeles County courthouse.

There are ways around this with legal representation from an experienced lawyer , but what can be done to get around jail revolves around a host of factors like:

Does the defendant person in trouble have a prior DUI or criminal record?

How high was their blood alcohol level?

How dangerous was their conduct related to the DUI auto accident case?

How many people are hurt as a result of the DUI and what is the extent of the injuries?

Is their insurance to cover the injured parties and their property?

All of the above factors will be considered by the judge and prosecutor and any other relevant conduct or information related to the client's case. The defense attorney must bring to light any mitigating information related to the client. Character letters, a job and many other things can be done to swing the pendulum in the client's favor. This is where experience and local know how from our DUI defense law firm are extremely important in best representing the client.

Prosecutors and judge are interested in making the injured party whole in these type of cases. If your lawyer can help them put the victim back in the place they where before the accident then the prosecutor and judge will be more lenient on the defendant in a DUI case.

DUI Lawyers Defending Drunk Driving Accident Charges

If you caused an accident causing injury while driving under the influence you need to contact a DUI attorney immediately.

You may be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony depending on how serious the injuries are, and in either case the charges are serious.

We at the Hedding Law Firm have a combined 75 years of experience and we have handled thousands and thousands of driving under the influence cases many of them involving accidents with injuries. Our credentials are unmatched and we have a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience with DUI cases.

We are absolutely confident that we can competently defend you DUI auto accident case. Call our law office for a free case evaluation.

Legal Penalties for DUI Causing Injury

If your DUI causing injury in Los Angeles County is being charged as a misdemeanor you may face up to five years of probation; up to one year in county jail; up to $5000 in fines; alcohol abuse programs; and license suspension.

If your DUI causing injury is being charged as a felony you may face up to four years in prison and an additional three years for anyone else that sustained great bodily injury (one year for any bodily injury); a strike on your record; up to $20,000 in fines; alcohol abuse programs; and four year driver license revocation.

if you are facing a DUI charge where you are accused of being responsible for an car accident, its critical to consult with a DUI lawyer at our law firm immediately. Prosecutors will aggressively pursue a conviction.

To avoid such harsh and severe penalties, call our DUI defense law firm immediately and set up a free face to face case evaluation.

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