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Hit and Run

Hit and Run Charges in California


One big reason that you hear a DUI and a hit and run case mentioned together is because the police and prosecutors typically believe that the reason a person left the scene of a car accident is because they were intoxicated.

I find myself arguing with prosecutors all the time that they can not prove that my client was under the influence and they therefore can not consider that in deciding their position in a DUI case.

However, they quickly snap back, “then why did your client leave if he or she was not impaired.”

This is why it is so important to sit down with an experienced Los Angeles hit and run lawyer that has done these type of cases for many years and get a solid plan together to defend yourself related to such a politically charged crime.

There are a number of defenses that can be employed in these type of cases and character counts. If you are an upstanding citizen with a family and a career, then the prosecutor and judge will consider giving you the benefit of the doubt as it related to a hit and run where they suspect you ran to avoid the consequences of a DUI arrest.

The prosecutor will be required to prove all the elements of the hit and run crime that you are accused of committing.

Another crucial consideration by the judge and prosecutor is whether anyone was hurt during the accident and if so, how bad are their injuries.

Obviously the worse the injuries, the harsher they will come down on you. In fact, if the injuries are bad enough, the case can be charged as a felony hit and run instead of a misdemeanor.

If you are facing hit and run charges, contact a skilled Los Angles criminal defense attorney at our law firm to review the details and legal options.

Facing DUI and Hit and Run Charges

What can you do if you are charged with a DUI and hit and run at the same time? Being charged with driving under the influence in Los Angeles is bad enough.

Adding in a hit and run ups the stakes and makes it a lot more likely you will do some jail time. California Vehicle Code Section 20002 describes responsibilities on drivers who are involved in an accident that causes any property damage.

When I meet with clients, I make sure we lay everything on the table related to the incident that got you arrested, your prior criminal record and your life as a whole.

Once we know what happened with no spin and only the true facts, then we can start to rebuild your life and get you back in a position to get past the legal system.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles, I find that once my clients get a plan together and know what they are facing and what they can do to help themselves, a sense of calm and control returns to their life and they can begin to put the pieces back together.

Many times in these DUI cases, damage control is what we are searching for and a sense of being back to normal.

Facing criminal charges, loss of your drivers license, a criminal record and potential jail time is not fun and something must be done to turn the tide in your favor.

Pick up the phone now and call our Los Angeles criminal defense law firm.

Take the first step in securing your future and putting your life back on the right course. Once you have your plan set up, then we will execute it together and get you the best possible result for your DUI case.

Hit And Run With Injuries

If you have left a scene of an accident and injuries were caused in Los Angeles County, you will be charged with a felony hit and run under California Vehicle Code Section 20001.

Leaving the scene of an accident or reporting the vehicle stolen is never the smart and legal thing to do.

When a driver is involved in an accident, they have a legal obligation to remain at the scene and exchange driver, contact and insurance information with the other driver or drivers involved.

Failing to take certain steps after a Los Angeles accident can result in felony hit and run charges.

Thereafter, the most important thing you must do if you are facing a hit and run charge is contact our criminal defense attorneys to get on board with you.

If you were drinking at the time of the hit and run the charges are more serious.

Our law firm will do everything possible to fight your case and assert any and all defenses on your behalf.

In some cases, misdemeanor hit and run charges could be dismissed if take full responsibility for the cost of the accident.

If the requirements of a civil compromise under California Penal Code 1378 are satisfied met, the court has the discretion to dismiss any charges against you

A felony hit and run conviction can result in imprisonment in state prison. If you are facing hut and run charges coupled up with a DUI, you truly have no time to waste or hesitate.

Our criminal defense lawyers have handled thousands of DUI cases including ones involving hit and run. We are confident in our skill and knowledge and we can guarantee competent representation.

See for yourself. Contact the Hedding Law firm and set up a free no obligation absolutely confidential consultation.

We have a track record of success defending clients against hit and run cases in Los Angeles County.

Our criminal defense lawyers will review the specific details of your case in order to start building an effective defense strategy.

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