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You should consult with a highly experienced DUI attorney who has practiced in the Pomona court system and had success with cases similar to yours.

There is no substitute for a DUI defense attorney who has traveled the path you are about to embark upon and achieved successful results for your clients.

When clients come to meet with me, I make it a point to make sure that when they leave the meeting, we have a game plan in place that addresses their concerns and the facts and circumstances of their particular DUI case.

Reviewing Your Pomona DUI Case

The client must know what they can do to help me and help themselves. Suppose the client can give me an accurate, unbiased rundown of their case (without putting any spin on what happened). In that case, I can usually provide them with a feel for the perimeters of what they are facing and what they can do to assist me in obtaining the best.

Pomona Courthouse

Possible result.

I will, of course, tell the prosecutor and judge what you stand to lose if they are too harsh on you. However, one of the big concepts they will be evaluating is how dangerous you were to the public and what they need to do to protect the community from future harmful conduct.

With the above in mind, this gives you an idea of how important it is to convince the judge and the prosecutor that you will never do this again, and they can trust you and give you a break and avoid the harsh DUI penalties.

This is where an experienced DUI attorney comes in to make sure you are treated fairly and all of your most positive mitigating factors are brought to light.

Only the best, most savvy attorneys know how to do this right, so the prosecutor and judge will listen and consider their argument.

Important DUI Factors to Consider

What matters in the Pomona Courthouse when it comes to DUI cases? Pomona and the court system have that small-town feel in many ways. When it comes to DUI cases, the police, prosecutors, and judges are very concerned for the community members and their safety.

Again, the more successful I am at showing that my client is not a dangerous person and that their conduct was an aberration, the better I achieve. I try to do everything I can to humanize my clients and their lives.

Driving under the influence case can have a devastating impact on a client's life. I am serious about doing everything I can to ensure you are treated fairly and protect all of your interests.

Factors that the prosecutor and judge will consider in deciding their position relate to how high your blood alcohol level was and how dangerous your driving was (did you get in an accident?

Were you speeding? Did you injure anyone?), what your prior driving and criminal record look like and how you interacted with the police.

The prosecutors rely a lot on the police in determining how severely to deal with you. Because the prosecutors are not there when you get arrested, their best indicator of your behavior is the police and how they write up their police reports. This is a problem because the police are trained to do all they can to help the prosecutors successfully prosecute you.

Aggressive Drunk Driving Defense

If the police portray you negatively, it is up to your attorney to turn the tide in your favor. Fortunately, I find that law enforcement reports are usually so negative and one-sided that the prosecutors realize that their information is not the be-all-end-all.

If you can show them the other side of the story effectively, I have successfully convinced them of my client's position and realized that the police had not documented things reasonably.

This, of course, takes skill, experience, and the know-how of handling thousands of DUI cases and having dealt with the prosecutors time and time again.

This familiarity tends to give an attorney credibility with the prosecutor and judge. And it provides the client with a fighting chance in an otherwise unforgiving system.

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