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Over the past twenty five years I have handled thousands of driving under the influence (DUI) cases and have had much success in the Glendale courthouse.

Glendale is part of the Los Angeles court system and like most of the courts in Los Angeles County has their own way of dispensing justice when it comes to a DUI case.

In my opinion, your best strategy is to hire an attorney who has been down the road you are about to travel and had success. There are no “cookie-cutter” solutions when it comes to DUI cases.

They spin on their own facts and there are a number of factors that the prosecutor and judge will evaluated when deciding what their position will be on any given case.

Many of these factors can sit in a grey area and need to be explained to the powers that be by a seasoned savvy DUI defense attorney who is on your side and can fight for your rights!

Drunk Driving Factors

Some of the factors that the prosecutor and judge will consider in making their minds up are – your blood alcohol level (the higher it is, the harsher they will be), how you were driving at the time of your arrest (if you were going real fast or driving recklessly then they will punish you in a harsh manner), both your criminal and driving record and specifically what happened in your case.

If someone was injured during your DUI arrest, then this will be something they consider in how they deal with you. If on the other hand, you we simply arrested for a minor traffic offense and were cooperative with the police, then you stand the best chance of coming out on the other end with the least amount of damage possible.

Much of DUI defense is damage control and finding problems with the prosecutor's case.

Glendale, California DUI Cases

One of the biggest factors that the police, prosecutors and judges are looking at in a DUI case is how dangerous you were to the community during your DUI arrest.

They see it as part of their job to protect the public and punish those who break the law and jeopardize the public safety.

If it can be successfully argued that you were not a danger to the public at large during your DUI arrest, then many of the consequences associated with DUI cases in Los Angeles can be avoided.

Once again, each case spins on its' own facts and I encourage you to come in to meet with us so we can evaluated your case and begin the process of resolving it and putting the court system behind you!

The Glendale Police Department is well-known for their arrest record on driving under the influence (DUI) charges. You may have been caught in a DUI checkpoint drunk driving arrest program.

A DUI conviction in California can result in expensive fines, jail time and a suspended driver's license. You could also be ordered to perform community service and work with convicts to clean up the highways. Any drunk driving charges need to be addressed immediately by an experienced DUI attorney because you only have 10 days from the date of your arrest to request a DMV hearing.

If you do not schedule a hearing, your California driver's license will be automatically suspended. In California, only the Department of Motor Vehicles the legal right to suspend or revoke your driver's license. This DMV hearing is an important part of your DUI arrest, and it is critical that skilled attorney handle it.

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If you have been charged with DUI, you need to contact a Glendale DUI attorney right away. If you want to aggressively fight for a better outcome in your case, the DUI lawyers at the Hedding Law Firm will fight for you.

Our attorneys deal exclusively with California DUI law and are very experienced in every aspect of DUI criminal defense. In many cases, there are details of the case that offer a great opportunity for legal challenges.

Some of which can result in charges being dismissed or reduced. DUI lawyer, Ronald Hedding, has been successfully defending individuals facing drunk driving charges for over a decade.

Take advantage of his years of experience by contacting our office for a free review of your DUI charges.

Defending a Glendale, CA DUI Case

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