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Los Angeles County Courthouses

Regardless of the Los Angeles County Criminal Court that is handling your DUI case, the Hedding Law Firm are the best Los Angeles DUI lawyers to see you through your case.

If you are charged with a DUI in Los Angeles County, you should find a lawyer that has experience and success in the courthouse your DUI case is pending. DUI law is not complicated, however, navigating the pitfalls of the various courts in Los Angeles takes a lawyer that has been there before. We are in the courts everyday and know what it takes to achieve a successful result in a DUI case. Here are just a few reasons why:

We have successfully handled thousands of DUIs in Los Angeles County over the years – when your attorney is respected in the Los Angeles DUI system, has appeared in front of the judge and negotiated with the prosecutor where your case is located and has a track record of excellence…you are going to end up with the best possible result! I will meet with you personally and give you an honest assessment of your Los Angeles DUI case, we will design a game plan that best suits your situation and finally…I will tell you the truth about your chances and give you my years of seasoned experience, if you decide to hire my firm.

Our attorneys go to court everyday and successfully handle DUI cases in Los Angeles – (unlike many of the attorneys on other websites who don’t go to court…but send less experienced attorneys in there stead). We are in the trenches everyday dealing with the prosecutors and judges who will be making the decision related to how to deal with your Los Angeles DUI matter..this face to face experience is invaluable in DUI defense in Los Angeles.

Our firm is A.V. Rated and a member of the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers – only the top 5% of attorneys are able to achieve these distinguished honors. This top rating was acquired by input from peer attorneys and judges. We are respected by judges, fellow attorneys, prosecutors and clients alike…This goes along way when it comes to representing your rights, reputation and freedom.

Combined our attorneys have tried approximately 200 jury trials and have 75+ years of experience – this kind of experience is hard to find and is extremely valuable in assessing if a Los Angeles DUI case should go to trial or should be resolved.

We actually win cases in court everyday – unlike many of the attorneys who are advertising on the Internet…I have actually won jury trials, preliminary hearings, motions to dismiss for insufficiency of the evidence and violations of my client’s 4th Amendment rights…if a case can be won we will win it and if it should be resolved we will obtain the best possible disposition!.

No other firm on the web has received a pardon from a sitting United States President – the President of the United Stated signed a Presidential Pardon for one of our clients!

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Downtown Los Angeles Metro – DUI Courthouse

We have successfully handled thousands of DUI cases in this courthouse over our many years of practice. Division 60 is the arraignment court in downtown Los Angeles for DUI related cases. We are frequently in this particular court dealing with the prosecutors and the judge regarding DUI cases. Our experience related to DUI cases in the Metro Courthouse has been invaluable and extremely effective in successfully resolving DUI cases in Los Angeles for our clients.

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