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Firm Overview

Firm Overview – Hedding Law Firm


The Hedding law firm has been a powerful force in the legal community since the 1970s. We are one of the longest-running firms in Los Angeles and are proud of the results and success we have achieved over our many years of practice.

My father, Ronald W. Hedding, has practiced law for over 35 years. He has a long and distinguished track record for serving his clients and making the Hedding name one to be respected across the many courthouses in Los Angeles County.

In the early 1990's I, Ronald D. Hedding, began my career in criminal defense / DUI law.

My experience includes working for the District Attorney's Office in East Los Angeles, being the right-hand man/research attorney for a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, working for the State Bar of California as a Judicial Nominations Commissioner (evaluating and investigating individuals the Governor was considering to appoint as judges) and being the guiding force behind the Hedding Law Firm for over 20 years.

It is a benefit to having two attorneys with the same first and last name practicing together when it comes to successfully representing our clients and covering our court appearances in a county as congested and busy and Los Angeles.

We take pride in working hard for our clients to ensure that they are treated fairly and receive the results they deserve! There is no substitute for knowing the system and the players within that system when it comes is to have a successful criminal defense practice.

One of the things that makes use unique, besides a father and son practicing together, is the wealth of experience in the different branches of government and the various essential areas related to law practice in LA. In my opinion, when your attorneys have successfully dealt with the prosecutors and judges over a long period, this puts their clients in a position to achieve a result in their case that represents the best that can be done for them.

This is no time for a second-rate attorney. If you want to protect your good name, criminal record, driving record, and freedom, it is time to hire the best in the business.

Our DUI Defense Strategy

When defending DUI's in Los Angeles County, no “cookie-cutter” strategy works for all cases. That is why I laugh when clients come in and tell me that when they were looking for an attorney, they spoke to salespeople and even attorneys over the phone who were trying to sell them on some DUI defense that had absolutely nothing to do with their set of circumstances.

Once we flush out the facts of their case and the defense they are talking about, they soon realize the attorney/salesperson was just some fast talker trying to sell them a bill of goods without having any information about their particular case. This is no way to start an attorney-client relationship.

So the first part of the strategy has to do with identifying the issues with your case that can make a difference in the outcome. Once you tell us about the circumstances surrounding your arrest and we review the arrest report, we will be in a position to advise you and start resolving your matter successfully properly.

However, to start making predictions about your case before we have all the details is simply foolish and does not make sense. Most people realize when someone is just telling them something to get them to hire them, with no real credibility or common sense behind their statements.

After we identify what the issues are in your DUI case, the next step in the process is to decide how we are going to use those issues to your advantage. Sometimes the problems are good enough to fight the case or file a motion to dismiss the case.

While other times, the issues we see will be used to negotiate the most favorable resolution for you. When we initially meet, my goal is to begin the process of flushing those issues out and setting up the groundwork to resolve your case and get you out of the court system as soon as possible.

Once we have that initial meeting, and you have an idea of what you are facing and what you can do to help me with your case, you will start to feel a sense of control in your life coming back.

We have a crucial objective of getting you back your peace of mind so you can move past your DUI case and move on to a successful life. If this is your first DUI, we have a goal of doing it once, doing it right, and never doing it again!

How to Hire the Best DUI Defense Attorney?

When you figure out how to deal with your DUI case, you want to think about what type of defense attorney you will get to defend you. 

We're not just defending you with the court system because you probably either got a ticket to appear in court or you had to post bail, and they gave you a court date. So we're also defending you with the DMV. 

They're the entity that controls your driver's license and can suspend it, take it away, revoke it, and do all sorts of things to it that you don't want to happen, especially in a commuter city like Los Angeles. So, hiring the best DUI defense attorney is essential. But one of the biggest things I would say is that you want to feel comfortable with the attorney. 

You talk to them over the phone; whatever procedure you use, you want to feel comfortable that the attorney knows what they're doing, has the experience, and is somebody that you like and enjoy dealing with because that same person is the one who is going to be dealing with the prosecutor and the judge. 

If they're not patient or nasty, that may rub off on the prosecutor and judge, which will hurt you as it relates to your case.

How to Get the Best Result in a DUI Case?

I think the first thing is not to panic. So many people getting these DUIs are just ordinary everyday average citizens, and they can't believe they've been arrested, taken to the police station, booked, and kept for some time. 

You lose your freedom.  You lose control, and it isn't easy to grapple with mentally. So, to handle it the right way, step number one is to get an attorney. 

You want to get somebody that's been down the path you're about to take and has success local to the court where your case is.  I'm all over LA county, one of the nation's biggest counties as far as DUI prosecutions go.

So, you've come to the right place.  I have much experience and know how to handle a DUI case.  Once you retain the attorney, you'll see how to handle the case best. 

DMV Hearing

The attorney will call the DMV on your behalf within ten days, so you don't automatically lose your driver's license, set up a DMV hearing for you, and do whatever can be done to help you. 

Of course, I will have to look at all of the paperwork in the case and talk to you about it, see what the prosecutor has to say about it, and then decide on the best course of action.

Court Appearance

The next thing is to appear for a court appearance. So many times, especially on a first-time DUI, I'm going to appear for you because all we're doing is getting the paperwork on the case, speaking to the prosecutor about the case, and then continuing it so we can go over the discovery with you. 

We'll email it to you.  Look at it, read it, and we'll set a face-to-face appointment to meet and talk about the court system and what will happen there.  Talk about your specific case, and of course, talk about how we will handle the DMV as well.

BAC and Criminal History

The next thing we will look at is the blood alcohol level and other issues, such as the following:

  • Were you right near the legal limit, a .08?
  • Were you double the legal limit or triple the legal limit?
  • Have you had any DUIs before?
  • How did you do on the field sobriety test?

So, this starts to give you a feel for the type of things that will be looked at, and of course, I'm going to look at every angle possible. Believe it or not, sometimes the police say you passed some field sobriety tests.  So, of course, I will point that out to the prosecutor and try to get you the best possible result. 

Sometimes I can get a dismissal if there is a weak DUI case, the police made a mistake, whatever the case may be.  Other times, we will have to negotiate and try to get you a resolution that works for you, and that's the best we can do under the circumstances of your case. So we need to do everything we possibly can to help you.

Other Factors to Consider

So, that gives you a general overview of what we will do to get you the best possible result.  It's my job to figure that out.  I've got to show who you are as a person. 

I've got to look at the specific case, and I'll tell you right now what they're looking at – if you want to know the secret ingredients here – it's how dangerous you were on the road.  Several factors determine that:

  • How were you driving?
  • Did you get in an accident?
  • Were you going 100 miles an hour?

Those are harmful factors.  Or did they pull you over because you didn't have your lights on, or was it a suspicious pull over where it was just late at night, and they pulled you over for no reason? So you start to get a feel for some of the arguments that can be made on your behalf.

Initial Call to Review the Case Details

My procedure on how to hire the best DUI defense attorney, and I, of course, think I am one of those attorneys. But first, you have to call us.  When you reach the Hedding Law Firm.  You're going to speak to someone who's experienced.  Typically, my office manager is going to answer the phone. 

He's going to ask you a bunch of questions, and you'll be able to get some insight from him because he's been working for me for over 20 years.  Then likely, what will happen is that he will set up an appointment with me. 

We'll go over everything.  Bring your ticket.  Bring your questions, and I think in the end, you're going to feel a lot more confident and in control, because you're going to understand what you're up against and how we're going to put together a game plan, mainly set up for you to get you the best possible result in your DUI case. So I think that's a pretty basic procedure.

We don't have a problem quoting fees over the phone.  You can call in and give us all the information, and we'll give you an idea of what you're looking at money-wise. 

Many people are scared to come in because they don't know what the attorney will charge.  We don't play hide the ball that way.  I think our prices, as compared to other great DUI defense attorneys, are very reasonable.

So, if you need the best, you've got a DUI, and you need somebody to fight for your driver's license; you need somebody to fight for your freedom, to be there in court to protect your record, your future, all those essential things.

Pick up the phone now.  Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding. Then, get the ball moving towards getting yourself out of the criminal justice system.

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