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Attorney Endorsements

Ronald D. Hedding, ESQ.

Mr. Hedding is an excellent advocate for his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend him to a client in need. He is also an asset to the Avvo Community, providing invaluable resources to those seeking help.

Derek Jacques, Bankruptcy Attorney

Mr. Hedding has made a substantial number of contributions of AVVO. I have read several of his contributions and have found them to be thoughtful, informative and practical.

Robin Mashal, Litigation  Attorney

Level-headed, polite, and highly articulate, Ron Hedding is an elite criminal defense attorney. He is highly respected in the legal community on both sides of the bar, and I unequivocally endorse him. Truly an exceptionally gifted attorney.

Kevin Moghtanei, Criminal Defense Attorney

Ron is a fantastic attorney. His passion for the law sets him apart from other attorneys, and I've witnessed first hand his dedication to his clients. I strongly endorse Ron Hedding.

Kia Champion, Personal Injury Attorney

I endorse this lawyer. Attorney Hedding provides thoughtful, educated and experienced answers to the questions provided herein. Attorney Hedding provides a needed service by providing voluntary and free legal assistance to the individuals herein who are in need of immediate legal answers.

Valerie Murphy, Family Law Attorney

I highly endorse Mr. Hedding. Very experienced and caring attorney who achieves great results in representing clients! I want all people to contact him for help.

Mark Clay, Immigration Attorney

I endorse Ronald D. Hedding. He is an excellent attorney. Ronald is my go-to criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles.

Matthew Harris, Estate Planning Attorney

Ron is an experienced, highly respected attorney who always represents his clients with the utmost of skill,knowledge and understanding.i can readily endorse him without hesitation or reservation.

John Elbert, Criminal Defense Attorney

When you, or a loved one, finds yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney, it is important to retain an experienced, competent and tenacious lawyer. Mr. Hedding is well respected in the legal community for just those reasons.

Dorinda Myers, Criminal Defense Attorney

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