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In my experience, to end up with the best result possible for your DUI case, you will need to hire a skilled drunk driving lawyer to represent you. Your attorney should

Pasadena Courthouse

Be familiar with the Pasadena courthouse and how they handle DUI cases.

I have been handling DUI cases in this courthouse for the past twenty-five years and have found the prosecutors and judges reasonable when it comes to a DUI matter.

One of the main issues they will be looking at in determining what should happen to you will be how dangerous your actions were to the public.

This is why our first goal will be to meet and find out precisely what happened related to your DUI arrest and what we can do to set the wheels in motion to paint the best possible picture of you and the events of the subject night.

DUI Defense Strategies

The prosecutors and judges in Pasadena will listen to reason and will look at you as a person as long as your attorney is in court prepared to represent you and all of the good things associated with you and your life.

So one of the most successful strategies that I have seen is to humanize you and show the judge and prosecutor that you are not a wrong person and you will not be back before them again if they give you a break.

This is where years of experience come in handy and can work to achieve the best result for you. What are some of the critical factors considered in a DUI case in the Pasadena Superior Court?

The most significant general issue in all DUI-related offenses that the judge and prosecutor are evaluating is how dangerous your actions were to the community.

Other factors they will look at are your prior criminal and driving record, how fast you were going at the time that the police pulled you over, whether you were involved in an accident, whether anyone was hurt during your DUI arrest, and how high your blood alcohol level was and how the police characterize you when they write the police report related to your case.

You were always in a better position when the police indicated in their police report that you were cooperative with them.

DUI Field Sobriety Tests

The court and the prosecutors assume that driving in California is a privilege and not a right. Therefore they believe that if the police pull you over and think that you are intoxicated, you must cooperate with them in their investigation.

If you are rude and belligerent with the police, the prosecutors will usually try and be harsher with you than someone polite and cooperative.

Further, when the police give you the field sobriety tests and ask you to do certain things, they evaluate you and how well you can follow their instructions. People who are intoxicated usually do not follow instructions very well, and it is obvious they are drunk and unable to operate a motor vehicle safely.

How We Can Help You

When I meet with clients to discuss the best strategy for them in their case, I have an essential goal of making sure that they understand what they are facing and what I can do to help them when they leave my office.

Having the peace of mind of knowing what the plan is and what they can do to help themselves goes a long way towards making the client feel better and making for a smooth process in dealing with their DUI case.

The more educated the client is on the DUI process and the more they know the perimeters related to their case, the easier it is to deal with the issue and feel comfortable with it.

The fear of the unknown is probably one of the worse things related to a DUI. If we can help take this fear away, we are just that more effective for our clients.

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