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DUI Court Process in Los Angeles County

If anyone in Los Angeles knows the DUI court process like the back their hand. With our 75 years of combined experience and our daily DUI appearances, our experience and knowledge qualify us to be your driving under the influence defense attorney.

Just to give a brief overview of the DUI process, you must first understand that there are two main proceedings: the DMV administrative action and the criminal prosecution. We will be there for you through both and all proceedings.

DMV Hearing

Once you are arrested for driving under the influence due to drugs or an alcohol blood level of 0.08 or higher (0.04 or higher for commercial drivers) in your system, you are issued a temporary driver license that is valid for only 30 days. You may or not be put on bail for release.

A DMV hearing must be requested within 10 days of the arrest. This is very important because if the DMV Administrative Hearing is not requested within 10 days of the arrest, then you will lose your driving privileges after the 30 day license expires.

Our DUI attorneys will set up and conduct this hearing for you. Our lawyers prepare for DMV hearings as if we were preparing for a trial. The DMV hearing is as important as the criminal prosecution. During this time it will be decided whether your license should be suspended or revoked.

Criminal Court Process

Following the DMV hearing is the arraignment where you will formally be charged with a DUI and you can make your plea of guilty or not guilty. This is where we step in as your Los Angeles DUI lawyer and try to get your charges reduced by suppressing certain evidence.

The DUI trial is the next and final step. An aggressive and experienced drunk driving attorney is absolutely necessary. We are familiar with all the judges and prosecutors of Los Angeles County and are well known and respected. We can competently and effectively defend you during trial and get you the best results that are possible to get.

DUI Legal Defenses

We fight insistently and assert any defenses we can on your behalf. We examine the police report, breathalyzer test, blood test, field sobriety test very carefully to see if there are any inaccuracies or any slight possibility of illegal conduct by law enforcement.

We guarantee our hard work and protection of your legal rights, license, freedom, and reputation is our top priority.

Downtown Los Angeles Metro – DUI Courthouse

We have successfully handled thousands of DUI cases in this courthouse over our many years of practice. Division 60 is the arraignment court in downtown Los Angeles for DUI related cases. We are frequently in this particular court dealing with the prosecutors and the judge regarding DUI cases. Our experience related to DUI cases in the Metro Courthouse has been invaluable and extremely effective in successfully resolving DUI cases in Los Angeles for our clients.

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