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Interviews With Ron Hedding

The reason I do these interviews is to try to give some insight on whatever the criminal defense topic is.

When you're looking for answers, especially when it comes to a criminal case, things can be very scary and before you get those answers and have that knowledge and insight about what you're up against, it's really difficult to concentrate.

You're scared and you've lost control of your life. So, I do these interviews to try to give some information regarding a particular topic.

Designed to Answer Specific Drunk Driving Questions

Your best bet is if you find something that relates to your matter, is to review it. But, as you've probably seen online, there are all kinds of information out there, and a lot of the information you're looking at just simply doesn't apply to your case.

Not every piece of information, even if it's on topic, may not exactly apply to your case. So, you use it as a base. You use it as gathering information, but ultimately what you're going to need to do is sit down and meet with an attorney.

I have you come in. We go over your case. We figure out what happened. We figure out which court and where the case is, who the prosecutor is going to be, who the judge will likely be, what their tendencies are, what you can start gathering to help yourself. These are all important things.

Number one being prepared and having information ahead of the court time is only going to benefit you and number two, you feel like you're part of your case — you feel like you're involved.

Ultimately though, your attorney is going to be the one who is going to sit down with the prosecutor and the judge and figure out exactly what the best strategy is for you and what they can get out of the case.

Sometimes it's a situation where you're innocent and it's a matter of showing the prosecutors that you're innocent or showing a judge that you're innocent, or ultimately, showing a jury because that's the right that you have.

When all else fails, prosecutors file a charge against you after the police have arrested you.

The judge won't dismiss the case. You have the right, and it's an absolute right, to have a jury trial, and a jury can decide whether you're innocent or guilty of the charge.

This is a huge right. It's very important and it's something you should be balancing everything against.

In other words, if you could win at a jury trial and they won't dismiss the case, then you know what the answer is. You're going to trial. You're going to gather the evidence and you're going to fight the case. If on the other hand, you cannot win at a jury trial and you realize that, you've then got to design your defense accordingly.

You're not going to go to trial. Your attorney needs to negotiate You need to get character letters.

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So, take a look at some of these interviews that I've done. Hopefully, they're on point with your situation and if they're not, you need a criminal defense attorney and you need some answer, pick up the phone.

Make the call. I'd be happy to meet with you and start to get control of your case and get you moving in the right direction.

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