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I've been practicing in Bellflower for many years now, and I have a pretty good feel for how they deal with DUI matters there. 

The first thing that's going to happen is you're going to get a citation from the police showing you that you have to appear in the Bellflower courthouse and which date it's going to be.

Typically, courts always open at 8:30 a.m.  You're going first to choose an attorney familiar with that courthouse, has handled DUI cases there, and knows what it takes to get you the best result.  Then you're going to want to set up a meeting with that attorney.  Give him all the information you can about the DUI.

Reviewing the Details of Your DUI Arrest

I sit down, take notes, and highly recommend to clients to tell me the truth because the meeting between the two of us is a meeting to discuss their case and for me to try to help them.  I'm not going to share any information you give me with the prosecutors or judge.  I'm only going to use the stuff that I think is beneficial to you in defending your Bellflower DUI case.

What you'll do is you'll show up in court once your attorney tells you to.  Often, I'll have my clients come to the second court appearance to get everything on the first court appearance.  I can review it.  You can check it.

Then when we go on the second court appearance, we go with a strategy instead of just showing up blind in the Bellflower court, not knowing precisely what the police report will say. That then puts you in a wrong position trying to negotiate or decide what you're going to do. 

I can go in there having reviewed the report and having a pretty good feel for what our strategy is going to be — whether it's going to be setting the case for trial, whether it's going to be filing a motion, or whether it's going to be trying to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutors. 

These are the types of things that we will be talking about and thinking about leading up to the court date.

DUI Negotiation with Prosecutor

Once we appear on the court date, I will sit down and talk to the prosecutor.  You and I will step out, and we will discuss what the prosecutor said, what I think, and the best strategies to employ based on what the prosecutor said, and then we're going to decide exactly how we're going to handle the case from there.

So, I think one big thing in tackling a Bellflower court DUI is having all of the information, having reviewed it with me so we can get a feel for what we're up against. Then we can make some logical, reasonable decisions based on the cards that have been dealt us related to your DUI case.

I think that the Bellflower court is very reasonable.  The judges and prosecutors there, I believe, are middle of the road as far as how they deal with DUI matters, so I guess you have a fighting chance to either get your case dismissed if it's not a good case against you or even gets it reduced if your blood alcohol level is not that high.

Essential Factors in a Drunk Driving Case

One of the most significant factors in Bellflower of any courthouse that the prosecutors look at is how high your blood alcohol level was because that will give an idea of how dangerous you were out on the road. It also provides a statement of whether you have a chance to beat them or not.

If you have no chance to beat them because your blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit, that starts to cut into your negotiating ability.

If, on the other hand, you're a .08 or a .07 or somewhere close to that mark, you argue that you were okay, you should not have been arrested for the DUI, and you can make a run at trying to win the case.

Under those circumstances, prosecutors are likely to consider giving you something less than a DUI to settle the case, not take the chance of losing, not waste taxpayer resources, and try to be fair under the circumstances of your DUI case.

So, if you've got a DUI in the Bellflower court and need help, come and sit down with somebody who can systematically help you decide and attack your DUI case, get you out of the court system as fast as possible with the most successful result. 

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