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San Fernando Courthouse

Over the course of the past twenty five years I have made hundreds of DUI cases in the San Fernando courthouse system.

This courthouse is located in the north end of the San Fernando Valley and is known for being tough on crime.

However, not all defendants are treated in the most harshest of manners.

Under the right factual circumstances, I have been able to get the cases dismissed that should be dismissed and negotiated great resolutions on behalf of clients who need their matter resolved by way of a negotiated disposition.

Without a doubt your best strategy going into a criminal case in this courthouse is to have a drunk driving lawyer who both knows the players in this courthouse and can fight a case if necessary.

Successful DUI Defense in San Fernando

Where I believe I am most effective for my clients is in sitting down with them from the beginning and mapping out a solid plan for their case prior to talking to the judge or prosecutor about it.

Once a realistic game plan is in place, then all that remains is to execute it in the most effective manner possible for the client. It is important that attorneys and their clients have an open line of communications at all times.

If we are not honest with each other them we are not working at the optimal level possible.

I tell my clients from the beginning of the case the straight forward honest true about where the case stands and what I believe there best strategy is moving forward the likely outcome of the case if everything goes in their favor.

It is also important that the client is straight forward and honest with me and does not leave any important details out related to their case.

I need to know from the start what the police and prosecutors are going to say you did wrong so I can begin the process of defending you the right way.

We have successfully handled thousands of driving under the influence cases in the San Fernando Court system. When a person is arrest for a DUI and ordered to appear in the San Fernando Court, there initial appearance will be in Department “M” on the first floor of the San Fernando Courthouse for all misdemeanor DUI cases.

When my firm handles your case in San Fernando Court, we will personally appear on your behalf and you will not have to appear on the first court appearance. If your case is filed as a felony DUI, then you will appear in Department “S” on the first floor.

Experienced DUI Lawyers

There is no substitute for a DUI attorney that appears in the San Fernando Court on a daily basis. We are familiar with the prosecutors and judges and are respected as local attorneys to the San Fernando Court.

If you have been arrested for a DUI and must appear in the San Fernando Court, you owe it to yourself to come and sit down with me and discuss your case.

I will assist you in understanding how the San Fernando System works and give you an idea of what you are up against. We are local to the Court and will fight to save your license, reputation and freedom!

Take the first step to put this mess behind you. Once you have a professional advocate, who know the San Fernando prosecutors and judges on your side, you will feel confident that your case will end with the best possible result. Call now and speak to one of our top attorneys.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire the Hedding Law Firm

  1. We are local attorneys who appear in San Fernando court on a daily basis.
  2. We know the San Fernando system and have dealt with the prosecutors, judges and court staff in this courthouse.
  3. We know how to protect your freedom, reputation, and career from the potential severe consequences of a criminal case.
  4. Our Encino firm location is close to the courthouse and easily accessible.
  5. We have successfully dealt with hundreds of matters just like yours in this courthouse.

DUI Defense in the San Fernando Court

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