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The Malibu Courthouse has been closed because of budget cuts and now all persons arrested for DUI's in their jurisdiction are either sent to the Van Nuys Courthouse or the LAX Airport Courthouse.

I have handled thousands of DUI's in both of these courthouses and find the prosecutors to be very reasonable when it comes to dealing with DUI cases. 

Even though DUI arrests are based on the political pressure put on the police by the legislature and community, the prosecutors and judges will listen to arguments that make sense and give people the benefit of the doubt in the right case.

Of course you will need a local experienced DUI attorney to champion your cause in order to achieve a fair result.

Experienced Drunk Driving Lawyer

As far as what will happen to you, it depends on how strong of a case the police are able to build against you for the prosecutors to be able to obtain a conviction against you in a jury trial.

If the prosecutors believe that they can prove their case against you, then they will be expecting you to take a plea bargain.

Obviously this is where you must have a seasoned savvy DUI defense attorney by your side advising you on the best way to handled your case. This is no time for rookies. You need someone who has been down the road you are about to travel and had success time and time again.

When I meet with clients to discuss their DUI case, I have one key goal in mind…I want them to leave the meeting with peace of mind and a plan of action to take with them.

I can not tell you how relieved people feel when they know what they are looking at and what they can do to assist their attorney.

Then it is just a matter of executing the plan and figure out how to make the best result occur for the client.

Obtaining the Best Possible Outcome on Your DUI Case

I pride myself in being honest and upfront with the client right from the beginning about exactly what I believe the perimeters are of what they are looking at moving forward. Trying to paint some rosy picture of their case does not do anyone any good.

We try and get your case dismissed, but if the government has the evidence they need to convict you, then it is in your best interested to work out a favorable deal as soon as possible and move on with your live.

Malibu Courthouse handles many of the DUI arrests made by Lost Hills Sheriff's Station. There are a large number of DUI arrests made in the Agoura area by Lost Hills Sheriff Deputies that are cited into the Malibu Courthouse.

The Malibu Courthouse is known for being tough on DUI matters and it is imperative that you hire a DUI attorney that is familiar with the Malibu Court System.

I have handled a large number of driving under the influence related offenses in the Malibu Courthouse and am well known and respected by the prosecutors and judges in Malibu.

The Malibu Court has jurisdiction for DUI cases that occur in Agoura, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, West Lake Village, and some areas of Topanga.

There are a number of bars and clubs in the Agoura Hills areas that are patrolled by Lost Hills Sheriffs Station Deputies. There are checkpoints that are set up periodically to catch persons suspected of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol.

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The Hedding Law Firm has been a frequent presence in the Malibu Courthouse. If you were arrested in Malibu or have a court appearance in the Malibu Courthouse, I encourage you to call now and set up a free face to face consultation.

I will educate you on how DUI cases are handled in the Malibu Courthouse and begin to design a plan to resolve you matter discreetly and quickly.


Many celebrities have had cases in the Malibu Courthouse. Robert Downey, Jr. was sent to prison after admitting a probation violation related to a matter he pled guilty to in the Malibu Courthouse. Many Celebrities have had DUI cases in Malibu as well.

Mel Gibson was arrested for a DUI matter by Lost Hills Sheriff Deputies after leaving a bar in Malibu, California. The list of celebrities that have gone through the Malibu Courts doors is impressive.

Not too long ago a decision was made to stop sending in custody criminal cases to the Malibu Courthouse. Those cases that would normally go to Malibu have been divided between Lax/Airport Courthouse and Van Nuys Courthouse.

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