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This is definitely a question I feel qualified to answer, because I have been successfully handling driving under the influence (DUI) cases in the Van Nuys Courthouse for the past twenty five years. My father Ronald W. Hedding had an office in the Van Nuys area in the 1970's and knows the political landscape when it comes to defending a DUI case as well as anyone.

Because the courthouse is so close to our Encino office we handle a large volume of DUI's in this court and feel like local insiders when it comes to making the right moves and getting the best results for our DUI clients.

Van Nuys Courthouse

One of the biggest reasons that I handle so many DUI's is because this crime is charged ten times more than any other crime in America. I have a saying that I live by when it comes to a DUI…”If you have to do it, do it one, do it right and never do it again!”

We are here to make this thing painless and make it as easy as possible for you. If we can keep you out of the courtroom, we will. If we can dismiss the case, we will.

And, if we can not dismiss it, we will be honest about it and come up with another plan based on the circumstances we find ourselves in.

We are here to help you and once you meet with us, you will understand how things work and exactly what we can do to help you and what you can do to help yourself.

Experienced Drunk Driving Lawyers

So the answer to the question above is to find the best DUI attorney possible and make sure you make the moves to protect you rights, freedom, reputation, driving record and criminal record.

My philosophy when it comes to DUI cases is, “if you have a DUI, do it once, do it right and never do it again!” More than anything a DUI costs you time and money. It causes your insurance company to jack up your rates, you risk losing your driving privileges for a period of time and you could end up in jail.

We pride ourselves in trying to make the DUI process as painless as possible. We have a goal of fighting as hard as we can to get our client's case dismissed. If we can not get it dismissed because the prosecutors have the evidence to prove you guilty, then we will make sure your case is handled quickly, discreetly and with the best outcome possible under the circumstances.

Understanding the Van Nuys Courthouse

Is the Van Nuys Court a tough Courthouse as DUI's go in Los Angeles County? At one point there were over forty courts in Los Angeles County (that number has dramatically decreased over the past five years) and I have been to everyone of them.

Each court has it's own personality, depending on the area it sits, the staff, the prosecutors and of course the judges. I think it is fair to say that the judges and prosecutors in the Van Nuys court system are firm but fair.

I have won some great victories for my clients in this courthouse and negotiated some very favorable dispositions.

Each case must be taken on a case by case basis and each client must be dealt with as an individual with their own life story who deserves to be treated fairly by the court system.

So the answer is that the Van Nuys court system is extremely fair and the prosecutors and judges will look at all of the evidence and circumstances of a case before passing judgment on a person.

Reviewing Your DUI Case

If you have a case pending in the Van Nuys court system I believe you owe it to yourself to come and sit down with an attorney and a firm that knows the system well and can best advise you on what to do related to your DUI case.

Once you are armed with information and education, the stress level will definitely go down and you will gain back a sense of control over your situation.

We will be straight forward and honest with you in setting up a strategy to end your DUI in the best way possible.

As long as you are truthful with us and give us all of the information related to your case, you can rely on us to fight for you and get you out of the court system as soon as possible with the best result.

Most DUI arrests that occur in the San Fernando Valley are handled in the Van Nuys Courthouse.

Our DUI Lawyers are in Van Nuys court every day and we have handled thousands of DUI cases. We are familiar with all the prosecutors and judges and our firm is extremely reputable.

Driving under the influence is an area we specialize in and as drunk driving lawyers in Van Nuys we handle both the criminal aspect and the DMV aspect of a DUI.

You can trust us to adequately handle your DUI case and any other DUI related charge you may be facing such as hit and run or vehicular manslaughter.

Call the Hedding Law Firm and set up a free case evaluation and we will help put this matter behind you.

How to Defend a DUI in the Van Nuys Court

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