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Torrance courthouse is one of the more conservative courthouses in Los Angeles County, however, I have had success in dealing with DUI cases there

Torrance Courthouse

under the right circumstances. In my opinion, it is important as a DUI attorney to humanize your client, so that the judge and prosecutor know that they are dealing with a person with a family, a career and a life that goes far beyond their DUI case.

Also, of importance is making it clear to them that you will not be in this position again. Judges and prosecutors are always concerned about giving someone a break and it coming back to haunt them.

Therefore, the more information we can give them that shows you are a responsible person, the more likely it is that you will receive a favorable outcome in your driving under the influence case.

Drunk Driving Prosecutors in Torrance

The main thing that will dictate the court and prosecutor's position is how dangerous your actions were to the public in Torrance when you did the conduct that caused you to be arrested. Obviously if your conduct was dangerous to human life, they will punish and restrict you in kind.

The type of factors they consider are how high your blood alcohol level was, how fast or dangerous you were driving, whether you were involved in an accident (whether someone was injured) and what your attitude and demeanor were when the police came in contact with you.

If you were stumbling drunk and belligerent then the prosecutors will take that into consideration when they deal with your case.

If, on the other hand, you were polite and were pulled over for a minor traffic offense, then you sit in a much strong position as far as a favorable resolution of your case.

Case Review By A DUI Lawyer

What can you do to put yourself in the best position if you have a DUI case in the Torrance Courthouse? Your first move should be to set up an appointment with a drunk driving  attorney who had traveled the path you are about to take and had success.

What I do when the client first comes into the office go over their case and figure out what we need to do and get, based on their particular circumstances, to make this case turn out with the best possible outcome.

Not all case are the same and not all clients are the same either. Therefore, were are not going to take a cookie-cutter approach on every case.

We will only exercise defenses and strategies that play well with the client's factual scenario. Trying to make arguments that do not fit the clients facts, make the attorney look like he does not know what he is doing and reflects bad on him and the client.

DUI Defense Strategy

When I see all of these people calling or coming in and they are mentioning defenses and strategies that make no sense related to their factual scenario, I have to correct the sales person they spoke to and point out that they have probably never been to court before and are simply trying to make the situation sound a certain way to sell the client.

This is not what you want! You want someone to tell you the truth about your case and design a plan that makes sense and gets you out of the criminal justice system as soon as possible with the best result. These sales people who have scripts and say the same thing every time, regardless of he fact pattern, should not be relied upon for anything.

Painting a rosy picture for you that has nothing to do with your case is just a waste of time and is likely setting you up for disappointment in the end. You need the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

If someone makes a statement that does not make sense to you, even though you would love it to be true, then it is probably just a sales pitch. If, on the other hand, the attorney can justify what they say with examples from other cases they have handled in your jurisdiction and it makes common sense to you, then you have found someone to consider.

Going to the attorney's office with a list of questions and giving the attorney all of the facts (good or bad) related to your arrest is the best way to get the most accurate assessment.

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