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What Are DUI Sobriety Checkpoints?

Sobriety checkpoints are basically a DUI roadblock used by police to prevent drunk driving. They are supposed to be used as a tool to stop drunk drivers, rather than of making arrests for driving under the influence (DUI). Due to their potential to infringe upon Fourth Amendment rights, all sobriety checkpoints must adhere to certain regulations. Therefore, its important to consult a Los Angeles DUI attorney at our law firm immediately if you have been arrested at a checkpoint or roadblock.

If you were stopped at a DUI/Sobriety checkpoint and were arrested for driving under the influence, we are available to help you through this tedious and sometimes overwhelming process.

Experienced DUI Lawyers in Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles DUI attorneys are experienced with roadblocks and sobriety checkpoint procedures and laws. We will take a look at all the evidence presented against you to see if for example if your fourth amendment rights may have been violated.

To set up a sobriety checkpoint, law enforcement must meet the following factors: public must have notice of the checkpoints; there must be a turnout so people have the option to turn around; there must be a random formula to stopping the cars; the length of detention must be reasonable; the location, time, and day must be reasonable.

The burden is on the prosecution to prove these factors to uphold the checkpoint arrest. As your lawyer we will do everything we can to contest any evidence against you and look for any ambiguities, inaccuracies, or illegalities associated with the sobriety checkpoint and the DUI arrest.

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We have successfully handled thousands of DUI cases in this courthouse over our many years of practice. Division 60 is the arraignment court in downtown Los Angeles for DUI related cases. We are frequently in this particular court dealing with the prosecutors and the judge regarding DUI cases. Our experience related to DUI cases in the Metro Courthouse has been invaluable and extremely effective in successfully resolving DUI cases in Los Angeles for our clients.

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