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How Do You Know What Kind of DUI Attorney to Hire?

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding | Dec 28, 2019 | 0 Comments

This is a good question because obviously, if you've got a DUI you're concerned and worried about the loss of your driver's license.  You're worried about doing to jail.  You're worried about being put on probation.

You're worried about how it's going to affect your criminal record.  So, obviously, you want to get an attorney that you feel comfortable with and you feel like they know what they're doing and is going to get you the best possible result for your DUI case.

Lawyer Who Practices in Local Los Angeles Courthouse

So, where do you start?  What types of things do you consider?  I would say, first and foremost, get someone who practices in the court where your case is pending because they're going to be familiar with how DUI's are handled in that court.

They're going to be familiar with the judges, the prosecutors and they're going to have a pretty good idea of what type of a result you're looking at and how to do damage control on a DUI case.  That's probably the most important thing.  Get somebody who knows the courthouse where your case is pending.

Lawyer You Feel Comfortable With

Another thing that I would really key-in on is getting somebody who you feel comfortable with, because if you feel comfortable with the attorney, then the prosecutors and judges will probably feel comfortable with that attorney as well.

How Do You Know What Kind of California DUI Attorney to Hire?

That attorney is going to be the one directing your case, talking to the judge and prosecutor about it. If your attorney has a bad attitude, is not very likable, is short with you, then that's probably going to be projected to the judge and the prosecuted and you're not going to be well represented.

I think that's probably the number one most important thing, in my opinion, having done this for 25 years, negotiated myself with judges and prosecutors and seeing my fellow attorneys negotiate with judges and prosecutors.

If the attorney is not likable, it will reflect on the client's case.  So, you've got to get somebody who is local to the court, knows the players in the court and who are easy to deal with, is friendly, is respected.

DUI Lawyer with Experience

Then lastly, you have to get a good DUI attorney. Someone who understands the ins and outs, when there's an illegal stop, when there's a violation of the client's Miranda rights, when there's a problem with the blood alcohol level.

In other words, not every single DUI you're going to be able to fight it all the way and win because most of the time, let's be honest, if they pulled you over and your blood alcohol level is over a .08, they're going to have a pretty good chance of getting a conviction.

The question becomes, what are you going to be convicted of?  What impact is it going to have on your criminal record?  What impact is it going to have on your driving record?  Obviously, these are important things to consider.  Having a good attorney who can really do damage control a lot of the time is crucial in getting the best outcome in a DUI case.

So, I think I've given you a good idea here of what you need to look for when you're hiring an attorney.  Do your investigation.  Check out how long the attorney has been practicing.

Figure out whether or not other clients have said god things about that attorney through reviews that are online.  See if the attorney has videos out there so you can actually see how the attorney talks and  get a vibe from the on what type of a person they are.

A lot of the attorneys are little nice and can't really say much and aren't good speakers.  That's not the attorney that you want handling your DUI case.  You want somebody that can talk, somebody that can represent your interests and get you the best possible result.

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