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Who Prosecutes DUI Cases in the San Fernando Courthouse?

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding | Jan 31, 2019

When defending a DUI in the San Fernando Courthouse, the typical prosecutor handling these cases is the City Attorney's office. They take the bulk of the cases there.

They have an office on the fourth floor in the San Fernando Courthouse, and the staff all of the misdemeanor DUI courts. There is an exception to that, though. The District Attorney's office handles all of the felony DUI matters.

The dividing line is a felony versus a misdemeanor in San Fernando. However, some of the courthouses only have District Attorneys, so they'll have to handle all of the DUI matters in those particular courthouses.

Suppose you have a DUI matter in the San Fernando Courthouse. In that case, you can bet that typically the City Attorney is going to handle it, unless also another exception to this rule that the City Attorney handles DUI cases is when a crime occurs in the City of San Fernando, which is a tiny area that makes up part of the San Fernando jurisdiction, then the District Attorneys will handle that particular case.

It is some contract issue with the city, and this is why the DA's office is handling a DUI or even other cases that occur in the City of San Fernando. See related: California Vehicle Code 23152.

Your best strategy if you have a DUI case, you should be looking at who will be handling it, but you should also, obviously, look at what type of potential results you're looking at from your DUI. Many people who get DUI's and have to go to the San Fernando Court have a spotless record, and even those who don't have spotless records want to end up with the best result.

Local DUI Lawyer Who Knows San Fernando Court

You want a local attorney to the Court when you have a DUI case there, and what I mean by that is someone who appears there a lot. My office is relatively close to the San Fernando Court, but I'm there all the time. That's just an area that I'm known for practicing in. I do a lot of DUI cases there. I do a lot of other issues there as well.

So, if you have a DUI matter and got a ticket — a yellow or blue ticket — and you have a court date pending the San Fernando Courthouse, you're going to want to get someone like me to represent you. Typically, we go in and speak to the City Attorney on your behalf. On the first court appearance, we don't make you go in.

We pick up whatever paperwork related to the case — the police report and any other items related to your DUI matter. We review it, and then I will talk to the City Attorney about it and talk to them about you.

Developing An Effective Defense Strategy

I'm going to be looking at the factors they're going to look at — how high was the blood alcohol level? Do you have a prior criminal record? How dangerous were you when you were driving? Were you speeding? Did you get in an accident, or did they pull you over for some reason like swerving, not having your lights on, or some other traffic-related violation?

That's one of the big things the judges and prosecutors look at in DUI cases in San Fernando, and that's how dangerous you were out on the road. Because they're tasked with protecting the public, and if they've got unstable and intoxicated, they're going to want to punish that person and create a deterrent for them to get another DUI case. So, pick up the phone now. Contact our law firm, and we can talk about your San Fernando DUI case, and I can see what I can do to help you.

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