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DUI and Driving on a Suspended License Cases

Negotiation with Prosecutor to Avoid Jail Time

This is common where people who are driving drunk have a suspended license.  I see it a lot.  Another thing I know a lot is people who get DUIs are put on probation and are told they are not to drive without a valid driver's license, and then because they live in Los Angeles, California, and need a car, they end up going anyway.

Now they're on probation for a DUI, and they get caught driving on a suspended license — Vehicle Code Section 14601.2 — and they don't realize that is mandatory jail time.

If you get convicted of driving on a suspended license, and the suspension is because you're on DUI probation, it is mandatory jail time for you. 

So, you end up being charged with a DUI if you were driving under the influence when you got pulled over, and you also get charged with driving on a suspended license, and you also end up with a probation violation. So, you're looking at three things.  It's called a triple whammy when they get you like that.

You're going to need an attorney who has handled these types of cases and can do something to mitigate things for you — explain why you were driving — what was going on.  Were you going to work?  Hopefully, it's not a situation where you were driving under the influence. You will likely face a driver's license suspension if convicted of a DUI.

You were driving on a suspended license because you had to.  That puts you in a much stronger position for me to argue to the prosecutor — don't make him plead to a 14601.2.  Let him pray to just driving with no license, which doesn't carry mandatory jail time.

DUI and Driving on a Suspended License Cases in Los Angeles

Then we still have to negotiate with the judge if you're on probation to avoid the judge giving jail time for the probation violation

Anytime someone is placed on probation for a DUI, they're constantly told they have to drive with valid insurance.

They also must have a valid driver's license and, of course, obey all laws, and if you break any of those orders by the judge, you've violated your probation, and you're going to face jail time as your worse punishment for those violations.

So, I do a lot of DUIs with suspended license cases.  Sometimes people aren't driving drunk, and they're just going on a suspended license because they have to. 

We want to explain why you're driving on that suspended license. Also, look at the circumstances surrounding it. Hopefully, you're not doing anything dangerous when driving on that suspended license. It's just the police pulling you over for some innocuous reason and giving you some ticket.

Experienced DUI With Suspended License lawyer

Hopefully, the police didn't put you in jail.  Often, they'll put people in prison for driving on a suspended license when you have a DUI with a probation violation. 

They will also cite that person and give them a citation.  Of course, they don't realize the judge is just waiting there to lower the boom on them.

So, you want to get an attorney.  Go in there with someone like me who's been doing this for 26 years and knows what it takes to make the arguments to try to keep you out of jail — make the arguments to try to protect your rights, your future, your liberty, and your reputation.

So, pick up the phone if you've got a DUI case involving a suspended license. I stand at the ready to help you.  Often, you can retain me over the phone, and I will do everything I can to keep you out of custody.

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