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DUI Bench Warrants

DUI Bench Warrants


There are many people driving around Los Angeles who have bench warrants for their arrested related to DUI cases. In my opinion, it makes sense to hire a local experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney to help you for peace of mind, if for nothing else. In many cases, the bench warrant is due to missing their court date.

Taking care of your DUI matter will bring you a great sense of relief and assist you with the enjoyment of the rest of your life.

Having to look over your shoulder as you move around is just simply something no one should have to bare, when having the warrant recalled is a fairly simple process.

Using a skilled attorney who has been down the road you are about to travel and had success is the only way to go.

General Information:

Where the issue comes in, is once the warrant is recalled, what happens next. The answer to this question is best answered by a seasoned DUI defense attorney who has all the facts related to the DUI and your life and has discussed with you what you can bring to the table to settle this thing.

In my job, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a client's relief when the bench warrant is lifted and they can no proceed ahead in a positive direction!

They had to suffer through stress and worry when taking the first step should have been taken so long ago.

Review Your Case for Best Strategy

The first step in the process of putting your warrant behind you is to call to our law firm and / or come in for a face to face meeting to discuss the details of your situation so we can put them together with our years of experience.

Once we have your scenario flushed out, then we can figure out what your goals are related to the case and see if it is possible to realistically achieve them.

In this process, I always find being straight forward with the client is the most effective way to deal with the issues surrounding DUI cases. Answering the question, “what is the judge likely to do to me…” is so much easier when I have the history of the case and your reasons for being in this position.

Once we have our goals specifically defined, then I will let you know what you can do to assist in achieving the goals and set about putting the pieces in place to have a successful result.

Not every case can be treated the same because not every client has the same situation, prosecutors and judges are different (depending on which court the case is pending) and DUI bench warrant cases are fluid things that must be handled the right way.

It is my experience that going into the court prepared with answers to the judge's questions that make sense is the best approach.

We can usually anticipate in advance what the judge will focus on and make sure that we have the right answers and a solution moving forward.

Those people that go in there with no answers to why they bench warranted and what they will do to make things right are flirting with disaster and leaving the judge with not choice but to exact a harsh punishment.

If, on the other hand, we go in there with a game plan and the judge sees we are serious about fixing the problems that led to the warrant, then we come from a position of strength.

Judges are busy and do not have the time or patience to deal with cases that keep coming before them again and again, because the defendant did not take care of business.

If we can show them that you have hired an attorney with the intent of taking care of your case once and for all and never bothering them again, we have now taking the first step towards a successful outcome and getting you out of the criminal justice system. Contact the Hedding Law Firm for help.

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