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George W. Bush

President of the United States of America

To All To Whom These Presents Shall Come, Greeting:

Be It Known, That This Day The President Has Granted Unto

A Full and Unconditional Pardon

For his conviction in the United States Court for the Central District of California on an indictment for violation of Section 659, Title 18, United States Code, for which he was sentenced on February tenth, 1969, to six months’ imprisonment, suspended, two years’ probation, and a fine of two hundred dollars ($200).

The President Has Designated, directed and empowered the Pardon Attorney as his representative to sign this grant of executive clemency.

In accordance with these instructions and authority I have signed my name and caused the seal of Department of Justice to be affixed hereto and affirm that this action is the act of the President being performed at his direction.

Done at the City of Washington, District of Columbia, on December 21, 2004.

By Direction Of The President

Roger C. Adams

Pardon Attorney

A Break Down Of Strategies In A DUI Defense Case

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Downtown Los Angeles Metro – DUI Courthouse

We have successfully handled thousands of DUI cases in this courthouse over our many years of practice. Division 60 is the arraignment court in downtown Los Angeles for DUI related cases. We are frequently in this particular court dealing with the prosecutors and the judge regarding DUI cases. Our experience related to DUI cases in the Metro Courthouse has been invaluable and extremely effective in successfully resolving DUI cases in Los Angeles for our clients.

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