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Best DUI Defense Attorney in Canoga Park, CA

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding | Oct 24, 2023

Those getting DUI's in Canoga Park will appear in the Van Nuys courthouse.  That court controls any DUI that is caught in the Canoga Park jurisdiction.  Usually, I see people getting pulled over by the LAPD and sometimes the Sheriff, and then they have them take the field sobriety test and a blood or breath test, either at the hospital or the police station. 

They'll often bring them into Van Nuys police station, and then they get a notice to appear, a blue ticket indicating they have to appear in the courthouse for a DUI.

Also, they'll get a pink piece of paper, their temporary driver's license, because now the DMV will be notified. Their driver's license will be automatically suspended if the person doesn't do something about it.

Case Review

You want to meet with an attorney.  I've been doing this for 30 years in the San Fernando Valley and have handled thousands of DUI cases over that timeframe – many in the Canoga Park area. 

There are a lot of checkpoints that are set up, especially on Topanga and other streets, where they catch people driving.  They pull them over and ultimately get arrested for a DUI.

So, I have you come in, and we sit down and go over everything.  Bring your paperwork with you.  We'll discuss what can be done – whether you have a potential defense to the case.  We'll look to see:

  • If the stop for the DUI was legal;
  • Whether or not they took your blood or breath legally and
  • Whether the police complied with all of the rules they had to;
  • Whether you failed or passed the field sobriety test and
  • How you were driving at the time;
  • We will also look at your blood alcohol level, see how high it is, and where it falls in with other similarly charged people.

Defenses for Drunk Driving

There are many different ways to look at a DUI in Canoga Park.  One way would be to say, well, I did drink and get caught drinking and driving.  That's not the end of the inquiry, though, because we have to see how high your blood alcohol level was.

Defenses for Drunk Driving

Someone who blew a .08 versus someone who blew a .16, which is double the legal limit, versus someone who blew a .24, which is triple the legal limit – all of those people will be treated differently regarding their DUI cases. 

All of those people are going to be looking at different punishments because the more alcohol you have in your system, the higher your blood alcohol level is, the more dangerous you were from the prosecutor and judge's standpoint, and therefore, the more punishment they need to heap on you to deter you from future criminal activity and to protect the public.

So, one of the big things we're going to be doing is looking at what your blood alcohol level was, and I'll be able to give you an idea of what you're facing.  We'll look to see if you have any potential defenses you can assert on your behalf, and then we'll set up a game plan specifically designed for you and your circumstances so you can end up with the best result.

I've worked for the district attorney's office, for a superior court judge, and then in the early 1990s, I became a criminal defense attorney defending hundreds of DUIs since then. Pick up the phone now.  Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding.  I stand at the ready to help you. The Hedding Law Firm offers a free case review.

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